As the holiday season swiftly approaches, the electricity of the air has transitioned to fall, scrumptious treats are sitting on tables and the town is beginning to twinkle with the spirit of season’s greetings. This twinkle is partly due to the Lake Havasu Tradition of Christmas Lights in the Eng... Read More
Youth are considered to be the heart and future of Lake Havasu City and their success is in the hands of those who kindle their dreams, hobbies and aspirations. Matthew Sepulveda has been tending to the well being of Havasu’s kids for more than 20 years. Since moving to Lake Havasu in 1994... Read More
Video Business Spotlight: Eclectic Avenue
This week's sponsored video business spotlight is Eclectic Avenue. Eclectic Avenue is a store full of arts and crafts, hand made gifts, and even has classes to create hand made items for your home as well. The store is located at 2735 Maricopa Avenue, near Highway 95 on the south end of Lake Hava... Read More
When Tyler Zink, a Lake Havasu City Fire Department Engineer, decided to become a firefighter, he was following in the steps of many family members before him. “It was a long family tradition,” said Zink. “I started with the Los Angeles County emergency medical technician program right out ... Read More
IJSBA Citizen Spotlight: Nedra Atwood
The Blowsion ISJBA World Finals begins this weekend in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Meet the racers' biggest cheerleader, Nedra Atwood. The World Finals racing will be open to the public beginning Monday, October 2 at Crazy Horse Campground. Parking is free until Wednesday, October 4. Then it i... Read More
Korbin Mitchell, 9, started racing Outlaw Karts with his grandpa, Jamie Roberts, three years ago. The duo started their racing adventure at Mohave Valley Raceway in Mohave Valley, before claiming Havasu 95 Speedway as their home. “I used to race go-karts a long time ago,” said Roberts. “I... Read More
Local Starbucks Supervisor Receives North Star Award
Starbucks corporate officials visited the local store at the corner of Lake Havasu Avenue and Swanson Boulevard. They were there to present one of the supervisors at that location with the company’s North Star award. Fellow supervisor Maria Guillemard said, “We are here to celebrate our North... Read More
Nearly 20 years ago, the world lost Diana, Princess of Whales, also known as the People's Princess. On Aug. 31, 1997, Diana died after suffering major injuries sustained in a car crash in Paris. The world mourned Diana and her life greatly impacted others. One of the many who were affected, is L... Read More
Couple Expresses Their Passion In Rods
When temperature gages begin to fall in Lake Havasu City, the hot rods start rolling out. Fall is the season for loud engines and classic cars. For Ramone Aguayo, 35, and Tina Espinoza, 29, this is a year-round lifestyle. Hailing from Orange County, Calif., Aguayo has been working on cars since h... Read More
Citizen Spotlight: Jeweler Jamie Larson
Lake Havasu City’s Jamie Larson has been making jewelry since she was in sixth grade. She first began making jewelry as a hobby after reading a book in which paperclip earrings were made. After creating her own earrings from paper clips, Larson was hooked and she began making jewelry all the ti... Read More