Museum Water Exhibit Gets A Makeover

Thanks to a grant from the Arizona Historical Society, the Lake Havasu Museum of History has upgraded its Water Exhibit with new background panels containing information about water in the West.

The museum gathered pertinent water conservation, usage, history, etc., information including art, graphics and more to provide for panels to be created and installed in the exhibit.

Doyle Wilson, Lake Havasu City Water Resources Coordinator, provided water conservation and use statistics included on the panels and Printing Plus, of Lake Havasu City, produced the panels.

The improvement to the exhibit is transforming. It is now bright and colorful and contains information pertinent to not only Lake Havasu City, but to the facts about where the Colorado River water goes, who uses it and how important conservation is to sustaining the lifestyle that comes with a body of water like Lake Havasu. It enhances the museum visitor’s experience and knowledge of the area.

A dedication event to introduce the new exhibit will be planned for the fall when most museum members return from cooler climbs where they have spent their summer.

This grant makes it possible to educate and encourage water conservation and promote a better understanding of the delicate ecosystem that is an integral part of the recreational value of Lake Havasu and the Colorado River.
The Lake Havasu Museum of History is located at 320 London Bridge Road. Visit the website at or check out the Facebook page.

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, call 928-854-4938.

Feature Photo: Lake Havasu Museum of History upgraded its Water Exhibit with the help of a grant from the Arizona Historical Society.

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