Faith and Grace, Inc.

Faith and Grace, Inc.

Faith and Grace, Inc.

Our two Lake Havasu City houses, known as Faith House and Grace House, offer the only shelters to women and children fleeing domestic violence. We operate as  a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity under the name Faith and Grace, Inc.

Faith House provides immediate, emergency services to women and children who need a safe place to escape domestic violence. The many forms of domestic violence include physical, sexual, emotional, financial, verbal or living in fear and  isolation away from their friends and family. Domestic abuse is not a disagreement, a marital spat, or an anger management problem. It’s reflected as living constantly with aggressive behavior.

To contact Faith and Grace if you are in need of help, call (928) 302-1358 24 hrs. 

Grace House provides transitional, subsidized  housing and services to women and their children who have stabilized at Faith House but still need our services to help prepare them for their new lives, separate from the chaos, misery, fear and isolation experienced in a previous domestic violent home. Grace House provides shelter for up to a year in order for survivors to prosper utilizing our programs designed to build independence and find work that allows them to save for their own housing.

Through our Outreach program, we also provide resources for those abused women and children living outside of our houses who are experiencing physical, emotional, financial, verbal or sexual abuse or are living in fear in isolated lives away from their family and friends.

Please look at the services provided in our shelters and Outreach Program. All of Faith and Grace programs are confidential and most are provided free of charge.

Many people ask us if we’re a religious charity because our name implies we might be one. While we do appreciate and accept donations from community entities which include churches and faith-based organizations, we are not a church and operate as Faith and Grace Inc., a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity.

As Lake Havasu City’s only center for battered women and their children escaping abuse from domestic violence, we provide emergency shelter with communal family housing with each family having their own bedroom. We also over transitional housing for up to a year. Our programs provide emotional support and a diversified continuum of services focused on safety, empowerment and self-sufficiency, through community partnerships.

Our emergency shelter and transitional house provide refuge and help to women and children escaping domestic violence and accept them regardless of their race, religion, color, national origin, age or disability.

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Address P.O. Box 774 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405
Phone (928) 302-1358