Local Budding Artist Jan Klatt And Her Beautiful Resin Art
By Nicole Matheson While COVID-19 has some dreaming of what they can’t do, there are some finding new creative talents that are flourishing under adversity. One such budding artist is Jan Klatt. Klatt has been a Havasu resident since 2003 with her husband of 48 years, Dave. She has taken to ... Read More
Pioneering Radio In Lake Havasu City
By Becky Maxedon When word of an instant pop-up city being planned and built in the desert of Arizona on the banks of the Colorado River, one Denver radio man heard the news and knew that was a place he wanted to be. Lee Shoblom relocated from Denver to Las Vegas and began making his plans to ... Read More
By Jayne Hanson Lake Havasu Community Emergency Response Team members routinely volunteer to help local firefighters and other first responders beat the blaze of Arizona’s triple-digit temperatures. “The C.E.R.T. team is an absolute essential resource and an asset to the fire department an... Read More
Long known for its scenic splendor and recreational opportunities, Lake Havasu City has become a relatively young bed of activity for artistic expression, often only found in communities that have been well-established for years. A drive down the upper section of McCulloch Boulevard affirms the heal... Read More
High School Senior Rina Draper-Gione Shares Her Artwork
By Nicole Matheson Going on five decades, Lake Havasu City has become a fertile environment for both artists and the art they produce. Boasting a true melting pot of residents from across the nation and the world, Havasu has reflected not only the humanity of its population but it’s education a... Read More
By Nicole Matheson While the challenge of COVID-19 is often frustrating and stressful,  it is important to find some peace and tranquility. RiverScene Magazine recommends a place that may bring just that. Tucked between Swanson and Magnolia along the Pima Wash path rests a peaceful garden. No... Read More
Lake Havasu Activity Spotlight: The Island Trail
By Nicole Matheson Across the London Bridge, those looking for something safe to do will find what locals refer to as the Island Trail. The paved and maintained trail is a 3.6-mile trek around the island. At an average walking pace, it would take a hiker approximately 1.5 hours to complete the... Read More
By Nicole Matheson Local artist and community organizer Adam Romano is paying homage to generations of artists as he presents the Past/Present/Future Art Show Saturday, at the Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center. The event will feature art from three generations of local artists on display and for sa... Read More