Citizen Spotlight: DJ Robbie Rob Spinning At Kokomo Beach Club

Citizen Spotlight: DJ Robbie Rob Spinning At Kokomo Beach Club
Janet Cruz / 18 May 2023 / 6 Comments » Comments

By Janet Cruz

Disc Jockeys at Kokomo Beach Club have been spinning music in Lake Havasu City for many years.

One DJ many may recognize is DJ “Robbie Rob” who has seen it all in Lake Havasu City.

Robert Mitchell moved to Lake Havasu City from West Covina, Calif., in 1969 with his family before the London Bridge’s famous dedication took place. In fact, Mitchell remembers attending as a young child with his family in 1971 when the completed bridge was formally dedicated.

“I was probably about 5 years old at the time,” Mitchell said.

His mother soon began work at the Nautical Inn, and also sewed uniforms for employees that worked at a local pub, which was once located under the London Bridge. Mitchell’s father drove a double decker tourist bus in town. Mitchell rode in the bus during the first London Bridge Days parade on the day of the London Bridges Dedication.

DJ Robbie Rob dancing at Lake Havasu High School during his teen years. Photo courtesy DJ Robbie Rob

When Mitchell began attending school, his love of break dancing and music came into play.

“I was known as the kid who loved dancing, and creating break-dancing routines,” Mitchell said.

He soon began attending competitions and started his DJ work at Hussongs Cantina, which was a very popular club located in Lake Havasu City. He was spinning music on a pontoon boat that used to circle the channel known as the “Budweiser Boat” and also Copper Canyon in the ’90s.  Mitchell was the drummer at Lake View Community church for over 25 years.

Lake Havasu City Hussongs

Hussongs/Casa De Miguel building in Lake Havasu City before it was torn down where Robert Mitchell spun music. Photo courtesy DJ Robbie Rob.

Fast forward a few years, and Mitchell has been spending his time spinning music at Kokomo’s as the resident DJ at the DJ booth near the main bar.

“I have seen it all, from the music trends in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s  and today. The most requested songs I am asked to play currently are songs by Bad Bunny,” Mitchell said.

When Mitchell isn’t spinning music, he loves Classic Rock when he’s driving or smooth Jazz when relaxing at home.

“I think all types of music has a time and place. Those are my favorite music genres to listen to when I am am taking time to take it easy,” he said.

Lake Havasu City Kokomo

DJ Robbie Rob at Kokomo. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Fun Facts about Dj “Robbie Rob”

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Hobbies:  Relaxing by the pool, spending time with family.

Celebrities he’s seen pass through Kokomo: A lot! Some of those include Vanilla Ice, Jordon Sparks, Coolio, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Pauley Shore, Lil’ Jon and so many more. Mitchell’s favorite celeb he interacted with is Vanilla Ice.

“I was here when MTV would film their Spring Break live remotes in the ’90s. It was really a thing back then.”

Future Plans: “I plan to retire and travel. I love to travel.” Mitchell said. “I would also use that time to spend it with my grandkids once I do retire.” Mitchell has four children and 11 grandchildren.

Fun fact no one would know about Mitchell: He is a Neil Diamond and John Denver fan!

You can find DJ Robbie Rob spinning his tunes at Kokomo’s Beach Club  from 9 p.m. to close at the main bar.

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DJ Robbie Rob dancing in the 1970s. Photo courtesy DJ Robbie Rob

Dj Robbie Rob Mitchell and family Lake Havasu City, AZ.

DJ Robbie Rob and his family. Photo courtesy DJ Robbie Rob

DJ Robbie Rob Lake Havasu City

Dj Robbie Rob in his DJ booth at Kokomo. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene


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6 Responses to “Citizen Spotlight: DJ Robbie Rob Spinning At Kokomo Beach Club”

  1. Craig Briley says:

    I met Robbie in 1979 as he spun his Magic as a DJ. From 1979 to1996 I called Hussongs my second home. I believe it’s where Toby got his inspiration for
    I Love This Bar. And Willie wrote to all the girls I loved before. Last but not least. George’s, Lost some wives and a girl friend along the Way. Single life in Havasu.
    People would wait outside up until 1 am 300 deep to get in at Cosing Time. Every Holiday Weekend.
    Luckily Off duty police officers new the manager Jamie DeLatorre.
    What a Ride

  2. Lance Matzdorff says:

    Great article. I’ve been friends with his brother Ken since 2nd grade. Robbie use to chauffeur us around before we had our driver’s license. The Mitchell family is a big part of Havasu’s history.

  3. DJ Robbie Rob is a true legend in Lake Havasu City! His long history in the music scene and connection to the iconic London Bridge make him a local icon. It’s amazing to hear about his early days of break dancing and spinning tunes on the Budweiser Boat. And let’s not forget the impressive list of celebrities he’s encountered! From Bad Bunny to Vanilla Ice, DJ Robbie Rob has seen it all. Can’t wait to catch his energetic sets at Kokomo’s Beach Club!

  4. DJ Robbie Rob is a true icon in Lake Havasu City, and his performance at Kokomo Beach Club was nothing short of spectacular. Having been a part of the local music scene for many years, Robbie Rob brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the city’s culture. His roots in the area date back to the iconic London Bridge dedication, where he attended as a young child with his family. This connection to Lake Havasu City shines through in his DJ sets, as he effortlessly creates an electric atmosphere that captivates the audience. Robbie Rob’s talent and passion make him a must-see DJ in the area.

  5. The River Scene Magazine blog post features DJ Robbie Rob and raves about his sets at Kokomo Beach Club. It’s a tribute to the DJ’s abilities, popularity, and impact on the city’s exciting nightlife.

  6. This article features DJ Robbie Rob, who has been playing to a packed house at Kokomo Beach Club. The author highlights DJ Robbie Rob’s talent and enthusiasm for music, describing how he can make a party feel lively and exciting. The piece delves into his varied musical catalog and his commitment to providing a one-of-a-kind show. This article gives readers, whether they are already fans of DJ Robbie Rob or are looking for an amazing DJ for their own event, a glance into his work and accomplishments.

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