Kindness Earns Student Principal’s Award

Kindness Earns Student Principal’s Award
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By Janet Cruz

Everyone can use some kindness these days, and third grader Jax Williams is a great example of someone who spreads positive vibes wherever he goes.

Having this trait earned him the Principal’s Award at Jamaica Elementary School.

“Jax is an all-around great kid! He works hard in class to understand key concepts, asks questions to clarify any misunderstandings, and always has a smile on his face and lights up a room. He is also the first to congratulate others on their successes and does not give up,” said Kindness Club Advisor Crystal Hayes who nominated Williams and runs the club alongside Rachel Charette at Jamaica Elementary.

The Kindness Club promotes inclusion on campus and in the community. Students must be willing to communicate in a positive manner while consistently demonstrating the qualities of respect and compassion. Students also acquire leadership and self-motivation skills, and creates an opportunity to build connections between students, staff and faculty.

“Jax was nominated by the club, and I agree with it. He is always kind and spends a lot of time in the classroom caring about other people,” Jamaica Elementary Principal Andrea Helart said.

“He helps his peers and always contributes to all projects in the club,” she added.

The club also encourages students to feel good about caring for others and lifting people up.

“If you are sad, you don’t want to do anything, you will just be sad,” Williams said. “We want you to be happy,” he added.

The Kindness Club has been involved in several projects which include painting rocks with affirmations to display at Grace Arts Live, creating holiday cards for nursing home residents, and putting together gift bags to welcome new students on campus.

“We always encourage our students to see the good in everyone and recognize when someone may need a helping hand,” Hayes said. “We are so proud he is part of the Jamaica family.”

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