Dr. Seuss Day
It's Dr. Seuss Day! @ the Library. Stop by on Saturday March 2nd at 10am to enjoy readings by local heroes and make a Yertle the turtle craft! No registration required.... Read More
The Navajo Code Talkers
"Armed with our Language, We Went to War" This is a part of the Arizona Humanities AZ Speaks series. Laura Tohe will be here to present an informative talk about the Navajo code talkers and how instrumental they were during the war.... Read More
Wrangling 1500 Wild Mustangs
This is part of the Arizona Humanities AZ Speaks series. H. Alan Day will be here to share his experiences with wild horses and the controversy surrounding them.... Read More
Play board games and make friends! This month's feature is: Forbidden Island! This program is for ages 9 and up.... Read More
Wild Weird Wicked Arizona
"For a state that has been home to Geronimo, Wyatt Earp, César Chavez and Wonder Women, you would think Arizona earned some respect. This wicked, weird and wild romp through Arizona’s colorful history will shock, delight, inform, tickle and leave you wanting to learn more!" (Excerpt taken from ww... Read More
Open Your Eyes To the Night Sky
Naked eye astronomy. Learn about an upcoming Lunar Eclipse and a "close" encounter between Jupiter and Venus on January 15, 2019. ... Read More
Mohave Prospectors
The Mohave Prospectors will be hear to teach us how to prospect the right way at the Mohave County Library January 19!... Read More
After School Story Time
On Thursday, November 8 at 2pm, will be a Thanksgiving themed story and craft time at the MCC library.... Read More
CSI 101: Forensic Crime Scene
This is a crime scene! Come play detective using evidence and blood samples. This is a Teen program, ages 12-18.... Read More
Celtic Knots
Have you ever seen an infinity knot? Join us for this workshop and learn to craft your own. This is a teen program, ages 12-18.... Read More