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Big Fun On Big Boats
This weekend's Desert Storm coverage sponsored by The A Team at Coldwell Banker. [caption id="attachment_32587" align="aligncenter" width="200"] The A Team at Coldwell Banker.[/caption] Lake Havasu City's Milemarkers and New Horizons clients enjoyed a fun day Wednesday morning courtesy of some... Read More
Norona Effect Absorbed By Milemarkers
By Grace Usher Milemarkers absorbed fellow nonprofit, Norona Effect in early June. The transition was made in response to the success of the Norona Effect’s main mission: to develop a youth blood-transfusion center in Lake Havasu City. Once that goal was met, it was time to rework the missi... Read More
Mohave County nonprofit programs the Norona Effect and Travel for Treatment have been absorbed into Somewhere Out of the Box DBA Milemarkers, according to a recent press release. Milemarkers will continue the Travel for Treatment Program and will add No Place Like Home and the Compass Scholarship... Read More