Bikes To Bars For Fun And Friendship In Havasu

Bikes To Bars For Fun And Friendship In Havasu
Rick Powell / 08 Oct 2016 / No Comments » Comments

More than 300 bicyclists rode up and down McCulloch Boulevard Friday during the 23rd annual Bikes to Bars. The participants dressed their bikes up in everything from wire baskets and flowers to LED Christmas lights. Nine bars participated in the event.

Bikes to Bars is an event for fun organized by Lake Havasu City folks that has continued for 23 years.

“Awesome attendance , everyone had a good time. Some people we meet once a year just on this occasion. People travel as far as Washington just for the event. It’s really cool to see all ages riding bicycles down Main Street. Can’t wait for next year,” said Havasu local Chuck “Chewy” Childress.

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