Havasu Side By Side Trail Association

Havasu Side By Side Trail Association

Havasu Side By Side Trail Association

We are a 501c3 organization that promotes safety for the off road community, supports local charities and provides education .

Havasu Side X Side Trail Association is a club that was organized in 2015 for the main purpose of bringing UTV riders together.  Today we have almost 500 family memberships.  Along with organizing club rides, we have become a very active social club that also gives back to our community.

We have two very robust Facebook pages that are exclusive to our members where there is a wealth of information exchanged.  It is also where you will find all the club events posted or find friends for individual rides.  Not on Facebook?  Since it is such an integral part of our club, we will be happy to help you get it set up and make sure you are comfortable with it.  Having a problem with your vehicle?  Ask about it on our Facebook page.  Need a track for a ride to Maggie’s Wash?  Ask about it on our Facebook page.  Wanna ride tomorrow?  Post it on our Facebook page and I bet you won’t have to ride alone.  In fact, riding alone is something we strongly discourage.  Not only is it more fun to ride with others, it’s much safer.  Or, you can sign up for  upcoming club rides on our Facebook page.

photo courtesy Havasu Side by Side Trail Association

We also have a lot of social events throughout the season. We continue to plan lots of exciting events. We have events such as a warming fire on the island,  Dinner on the Boulevard, an annual Christmas Light Ride, the After Christmas Party, and our annual Spring Fling.

Which brings us to another topic.  Our Special Events Committee is responsible for planning and organizing all of these activities.  The entire club is run by committees and all of our committees are run by volunteers.  Do you enjoy volunteering?  We can always use your help.  Volunteering is not a requirement, but if you are interested,  please check out our Committees page for a description of each of the following committees.

  • Ride Committee
  • Trail Maintenance & Development Committee
  • Special Events Committee
  • Apparel Committee
  • Social Media Committee
  • Sunshine Committee

For new members we also offer a monthly orientation ride.  It’s a great way to get acquainted and it’s full of information. To contact us, visit https://havasusxs.com/contact-us/


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Address P.O.box 481 Lake Havasu City Az. 86405
Phone (951) 852-6503
Email mogorman911@gmail.com
Website Havasusxsta.com