Boom Bandit 18 plus Party at the ZOO Kokomo’s

Boom Bandit 18 plus Party at the ZOO Kokomo’s

In the cage at the ZOO in Kokomo’s is where all the party animals go! Check out Havasu’s BEST 18+ party for Spring Break each Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday night in March from 10pm-1am.

Sponsored by AZ Spring Break, Kokomo’s and Boom Bandits get your groove on to the beats of awesome DJ’s including Myn, Natiive, Neon, Flow, Seven, Neon Tiger, Hey Press Play, JBryan, Robei, Outlaw, Akcess, Dragon Flare, Demario SB, TRiPyBvSs, Trouse, Chyki, LEXXX, Xillionares and more!!

And if you are still ready for more join us on Koko Beach for our all ages Boom Bandit Beach Parties every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons 2pm-6pm on the Channel! Let’s show colleges across the country how we celebrate spring break Havasu style!

Cost is $20 per person

Event Details

Info Details
Start Date March 16, 2019
End Date March 16, 2019
Time 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Phone 888-999-0511
Email boombanditamy@gmail.com
Organizer Boom Bandits Entertainment/ AZ Spring Break
Website boombanditamy@gmail.com
Event Category
Venue The Zoo - Kokomo's

No Address Available