Shambhava Breathwork

Shambhava Breathwork

~ Reduce & Build Resilience to Stress & Anxiety
~ Promote Healing of Emotional Pain & Trauma
~ Release Negative Thoughts & Increase Positivity
~ Help Overcome Emotional Effects of Illness & Addiction
~ Boost Creativity & Sense of Clarity

<<< What is Breathwork (Pranayama)? >>>

Pranayama is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning to control or restrain the breathe.

Shambhava Breathwork is a powerful approach to connecting the physical body, emotional and energetic bodies.

This connection allows you to discover self-exploration and personal empowerment through deep and controlled breathing.

The breath will activate the brain such as psychoactive drugs would, but is completely drug free. The hyper oxygenated brain will help release the thought processes that have held us back and can allow the psyche to experience deep and vivid meditation or visions.

What’s The Process?

While lying on a floor mat, eyes closed or using an eye mask, each individual will breath to their own rhythm. There is no wrong way to breath and I will guide you. Some Shamanic techniques will be used along with Sound Healing, Reiki Energy and Aroma Therapy to facilitate high states of consciousness and support your unique journey.

<<< What to Bring >>>

– Yoga Mat / Blanket / Pillows / eye coverings
– Any crystals or Alter Items you’d want with you to support the journey
– Journal if you’d like to write insights immediately after
– Energy Exchange is $40 per person


**Signing up with Eight Lotus Wellness using Vagaro app


**Sending payment via Venmo to @cristina-navaretta


** Texting Cristina Directly 928.889.6225

Event Details

Info Details
Start Date August 26, 2022
End Date August 26, 2022
Time 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Organizer Cristina Marie Navarreta and Eight Lotus Wellness
Event Category
Venue Eight Lotus Wellness 2180 McCulloch Blvd N, Ste 102, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
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