First Day of School Memories Made In Lake Havasu Today

First Day of School Memories Made In Lake Havasu Today
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It’s hard to believe the summer has flown by as fast as it seems. Actually, it’s still summer but I’m sure Lake Havasu Unified School District students, teachers and staff would beg to differ.

Today was the first day of school for LHUSD and RSM followers have sent in their own memories of their kiddos returning to school for the 2022-23 year. Other area schools including Havasu Preparatory Academy, Telesis Preparatory Academy, CCA, Prenda and homeschooled student have been returning since last week.

RiverScene Magazine asked parents on our Facebook page for photos of the kids for their first day back. Enjoy these smiling faces in our back to school photo gallery.

All motorists need to make sure they are on the lookout for children making their way to school.

Enjoy this gallery of back-to-school portraits!

Courtesy Allison Ade


Lake Havasu Back to school 2022

Courtesy Amber McKinney

Courtesy Amy MC

Courtesy Ashley Blessing

Courtesy Ashley Blessing

Courtesy Kimberly Krueger

Courtesy Ashley Joy

Lake Havasu Back to School

Courtesy Ashley Joy

Courtesy Audra Brennen

Courtesy Autumn Smith

Courtesy Becky Comeaux

Courtesy Becky Gehrman

Courtesy Bonnie Zempich McDonald

Courtesy Breanna Sepulveda

Lake Havasu Back to school

Courtesy Brittany Anderson

Courtesy Bryant Stanec

Courtesy Carly Fullam

Courtesy Catherine Young

Courtesy Cherice Ferree

Courtesy Cheryl Forrester

Courtesy Christina Broderick

Courtesy Christina Spencer

Courtesy Christopher Zickefoose

Courtesy Corrie Boyles

Courtesy Crystal Rodriguez

Courtesy Dave and Justine Rodriguez

Courtesy Debra Serr

Courtesy Desiree Hensel

Courtesy Erica Cruz Espinoza

Courtesy Erin Van Cleave

Courtesy Erin VanCleave

Courtesy Eve Boyd Shumake

Courtesy Haley Longstreath

Courtesy Heather Crawford

Courtesy Holly Skelton

Courtesy Holly Skelton

Courtesy Janine Oliver

Courtesy Janet Cruz

Courtesy Jayr Burbs

Courtesy Jenifer Ann Crawford

Courtesy Jennie Jenkins

Courtesy Jessi Marie

Courtesy Jessica Klostermeier

Courtesy Jessica Klostermeier

Courtesy Jonelle Goff

Courtesy Kasey Craig

Courtesy Kasey Craig

Courtesy Kelsey Rae

Courtesy Kristine Marie Behney

Courtesy LeAnn Roberts

Courtesy Lena Marie

Courtesy Lin Tatoy Barnes

Courtesy Lisa Cano

Courtesy Lisa Cano

Courtesy Lisa Marie Bethel

Courtesy Lisa Marie Bethel

Courtesy Marlene Thomas

Courtesy Matraca Rehkemper

Courtesy Meena Roberts

Courtesy Melissa Spease

Courtesy Michelle Roy

Courtesy Mindy Pettigrew

Courtesy Monique Alvarez

Courtesy Nadine Kisseleff Beaumont

Courtesy Naeome Provenzano

Courtesy Nicole Gray

Courtesy Nicole Gray

Courtesy Nicole Gray

Courtesy Nicole Zenteno

Courtesy Niki Neill

Courtesy Rachael McWhirter

Courtesy Samantha Stearns

Courtesy Shannon Hamper

Courtesy Shawnda Parisi

Courtesy Shea Barker

Courtesy Spring Rydel

Courtesy Star Martinez

Courtesy Stephanie Caterina

Courtesy Stephanie Martin

Courtesy Stephanie Sconce

Courtesy Susan Barhydt Bielecki

Courtesy Tamara Poe

Courtesy Tifanie Buchanan

Courtesy Tifanie Buchanan

Courtesy Tonya Ronningen

Courtesy Tracie Butterfas Rehark

Courtesy Andrea Marie

Courtesy Katie Holmes

Courtesy Katie Holmes

Courtesy Julie Terenti

Courtesy Julie Terenti

Courtesy Tammy Breece

Courtesy Sheral Rolfe

Jaime Snethan

Courtesy Colleen McShea

Courtesy Jenna Mansell


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