20 Questions With Jacob Jackson
1.) What is your perfect pizza? “Pepperoni and bacon with extra cheese from Ken’s Pizza.”   2.) If you were to buy candy, what would you pick? “Reese’s Big Cups.”   3.) Favorite beverage? “Fountain Pepsi.”   4.) Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? “Cre... Read More
Super Fan: Lovin’ Elvis – Evie Cistaro’s Story
An avid collector of old 45s, 8tracks and cassettes through the years, Evie Cistaro, 70, of Lake Havasu City, admits she has been ogling Elvis Presley for about 60 years. Her extensive collection of Elvis memorabilia can’t hide her adoration, even if much of it was bestowed upon her following E... Read More
Super Fan: Julie Sasseen
 This is first of an occasional series of Super Fans around Lake Havasu City. There are a lot of sports fans, many of whom live and breathe their favorite team and wear their team’s jersey everywhere. They talk nonstop about their favorite team and wouldn’t dream of missing a game. But it ta... Read More
Day Trippin’ – The Topock Maze
This is the first in an occasional series about interesting destinations around the Lake Havasu City area that are considered to be day trips. This one features the Topock Mystic Maze. By Jonathan Fotino About a half hour drive from Lake Havasu’s blue-green water lies a historical and impor... Read More
The Fabulous Saguaro
There is one living plant that invokes an iconic instant recognition of the Southwest. It is the beautiful and impressive Saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) and the species can be seen all around Lake Havasu City. One of the defining plants of the Sonoran Desert, the Saguaro (pronounced “S... Read More
Emergency Shelter Opened for Willow Fire Evacuees
A fast-moving fire that started Saturday in the Mohave Valley, Ariz. area, dubbed the Willow Fire, has resulted in the need for shelter and assistance for those that have been displaced. The American Red Cross has opened a shelter for evacuees at Mohave Valley Elementary School, 1419 E. Willow Dr... Read More
Rotary Park Fills For Holiday Festivities
Rallied in celebration of Independence Day, hundreds gathered along the shoreline of Bridgewater Channel, packing into Rotary Park in hopes of staking their spot for the evening’s upcoming festivities. Toting ice chests, blankets and barbecue equipment, families lined the beach area as children ra... Read More
Havasu’s Treasure Hunt Pays It Forward
Rich Crayne is an upbeat, positive person, but was dismayed at the amount of negativity in Lake Havasu City. It was likely to be anywhere, but especially was prevalent on social media. There are websites dedicated to praising and criticizing businesses, but many eventually disintegrate into nasty at... Read More
Havasu Cares
Lake Havasu City residents  stand keenly aware of the value of our close-knit community. Yet, aside from cool crystal waters, golf courses raging green throughout the desert heat and local Main Street events, there is something different, individually unique about the residents of the city itself ... Read More