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For personal watercraft enthusiasts, there’s only one place to go - Body Beach. Body Beach is Lake Havasu's premier PWC venue, and rose to prominence in the early 1980s. The international Jet Sports Boating Association has conducted its Word Finals competition on Lake Havasu since 1982 at the N... Read More
A simple conversation between a group of coworkers about giving back to the community has turned into a massive success, all while uniting the city of Lake Havasu and helping it become "community strong." “It started with a couple of us talking, like ‘we as an office could really put some ser... Read More
On Sept. 11, 2001, the United States was struck by an act of terrorism that would change the world forever. Though a time to memorialize both civilians and public service members who were lost during the attack on the Twin Towers, Pentagon and Flight 93, the day also offers survivors an opportunity ... Read More
A packed house at London Bridge Resort Convention Center celebrated a newly minted Ms. Havasu Senior Sunday. The annual event benefits the Havasu Health Foundation and judging from the turnout Sunday, the foundation is in good hands. Anne Archer claimed the crown this year after coming in as r... Read More
According to the National Weather Service in Las Vegas, Lake Havasu City received 0.75 inches of rain Saturday in some areas and 0.47 inches at the Municipal Airport. The storm came into Lake Havasu around noon Saturday, which included lightning and rising water at various intersections around town... Read More
Saturday’s sporting events at Lake Havasu High School were nothing short of exciting. The LHHS varsity football team got a chance to shine, even if the weather only let them shine for half the normal playing time. [caption id="attachment_20118" align="aligncenter" width="1021"] Jacob Schafer... Read More
Participants walked up McCulloch Blvd. Saturday morning for Interagency's  Hunger Awareness Walk. The walkers wore orange shirts to raise awareness that September is Hunger Awareness month. [caption id="attachment_20122" align="aligncenter" width="1021"] The Walk Against Hunger organizers pose f... Read More
A famed green ogre will make an appearance in Lake Havasu City for the next few weekends. Based on the children's film, "Shrek the Musical Jr.," is hitting the GraceArts Live stage tonight. Shrek is a green ogre who wants nothing more than to live peacefully alone in his swamp. Suddenly, he is bo... Read More
On Saturday, October 7,  from 8am-12noon is the HcHF Community Health Fair. The event will be held at the Aquatic Center and is free and open to the public. Over 60 vendors available to assist you and your health-related questions. For further information, visit Read More
Six Desert Hills Fire District firefighters were recently promoted to the rank of engineer. According to Fire Chief Pat Dennen,“The definition of an engineer who is under the supervision of a fire captain, performs all the duties of a firefighter and is responsible for the safe and efficient o... Read More