20 QUESTIONS: Ashley Judd, Little Delbert Days Rodeo Queen

20 QUESTIONS: Ashley Judd, Little Delbert Days Rodeo Queen
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Ashley Judd, 22, of Kingman, was crowned Little Delbert Days Rodeo Queen in January 2016, in Lake Havasu City, after outshining a handful of other pageant hopefuls when it came to riding ability, horsemanship and sharp wit. Her reign is two years, a measure that has Havasu assured that Judd will be astride her horse, Fancy, during this weekend’s Little Delbert Days Rodeo.

As crowned Rodeo Queen, Judd is tasked with presenting flags during the rodeo ceremony, helping out with releasing and penning the roped steers, and lending a hand with the youth mutton busting event. Judd also acts as an ambassador, or advocate, for Havasu’s rodeo when she travels to other rodeos, or participates in parade appearances.

“I am going to barrel race this weekend, but as a competitor – not as rodeo queen,” Judd said.

Judd has been participating in rodeo for five years after being introduced to the sport by her boyfriend and her family.

“I really liked it and I just took off on my own with it,” Judd said.

photo courtesy of Ashley Judd

1.) What is your perfect pizza? “Anything with as much meat as possible on it, I am a meat lover.”

2.) If you were to buy candy, what would you pick? “I’ve got to say Twix. I don’t really eat that much candy, but if I had to make a choice, it’s Twix.”

3.) If you could remodel at home, what would be your first project? “The kitchen. I like to cook. When there is not enough space it’s frustrating. Everyone likes a good kitchen.”

4.) Favorite beverage? “Iced tea. But not sweetened, the unsweetened.”

5.) Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? “That depends on what I’m eating. When it’s a sandwich, I like it to be crunchy, but if I eat it on apples or celery, I like it creamy.”

6.) Favorite Havasu restaurant? “I really like College Street Brewery. That place is my favorite place. The food is so good I could eat there all the time.

7.) What is your dream destination vacation? “Bora Bora. Everybody wants to go there. It’s beautiful there.”

8.) What is your favorite article of clothing? “Sweatshirts and jeans.”

9.) What is your least favorite food? “That’s a hard question because I love to eat everything. There is nothing I don’t eat. I don’t have one.”

10.) What is your favorite thing about Havasu? “I do love the Lake. We go there a lot.”

11.) Who do you ask for advice? “My dad. He usually has it right, and even if I think he’s wrong, he usually is right.”

12.) Early bird or night owl? “Early Bird.”

13.) What is one thing that must be on your grocery list? “Mint Oreos. I have to have them.”

14.) In what city or town were you born? “I was born in Cheyenne, Wyo.”

15.) If you could be any age for one week, what age would you be? “25-years-old. At 25, you are legal for everything but still really young and healthy. You’re able to do everything, and you can choose to do anything you want. It’s an exciting time for everyone.”

16.) What is the oddest pet you’ve ever owned? “A lizard. I had a spotted gecko when I was 10 or 11 years old. His name was Fred.”

17.) What is your favorite pastime? “Riding my horse, Fancy.”

18.) Who is your celebrity crush? “Bradley Cooper.”

19.) What cheers you up? “Riding my horse.”

20.) Do you have a favorite television show or series? “I like two. I like ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Heartland’.”

The Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association Rodeo and Little Delbert Days is set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at SARA Park Rodeo Grounds. Little Delbert Days youth activities include gold panning, king of the hill, back hoe challenge, bounce houses, fishing hole, cow jousting, shooting gallery, cup cake walk and pedal-tractor races.

Admission is $15/adults. Youth who are 15 and younger admitted for free. For more information, visit www.havasurodeo.com.

photo courtesy Ashley Judd

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