20 Questions With Brent DeLay

20 Questions With Brent DeLay
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1.) What is your least favorite food? “Vegetables. All vegetables.”

2.) If you were to buy candy, what would you pick? “Good & Plenty’s are my favorite. It used to be Milk Duds.”

3.) If you could remodel at home, what would be yourfirst project? “The backyard. A pool.”

4.) Favorite beverage? “Water. I love water. They call me the water boy. I’m always forcing people to drink water.”

5.) What is the oddest pet you’ve ever owned? “Mojo. He was a dog with an under-bite. He was a mutt of a dog but he was my best buddy. He was a 17-year-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix. He didn’t make it but we have a new dog now.”

6.) Favorite local restaurant? “Bad Miguel’s. I get their pancakes and they have good coffee. The owners race motocross with me so I like to support them.”

7.) What is your dream destination vacation? “Bora Bora. It’s the little huts way out on the water, and the color or the water. Away from everything, it’s the end of the world. But, we pretty much live in paradise already.”

8.) What is your favorite article of clothing? “Fox. Anything Fox. I support them. I’ve put their kids through college.”

9.) Do you have a favorite television show or series? “’Misfit Garage’. It is hillbillies working on cars. I like it.”

10.) What is your favorite event in Havasu? “The race season. It’s October to April. All of my family and friends come. It’s the only time we all get together. That’s what I love about the racing deal.”

11.) Who do you ask for advice? “My girlfriend Shelly (Nielson), we’ve been together 12 years.”

12.) Early bird or night owl? “Early bird, I like my sleep.”

13.) What is one thing that must be on your grocery list? “Water. Bottled water. I like Sparkletts water.”

14.) In what city or town were you born? “Corona, California.”

15.) If you could be any age for one week, what age would you be? “25. Life was so good then, I don’t know, I guess it’s the energy and the youthfulness.”

16.) What is your perfect pizza? “Double pepperoni, I just had it last night from Mudshark Pizza. But, I really like Rosati’s. Rosati’s is the best.”

17.) What is your favorite pastime? “Racing dirt bikes, that’s my favorite. And, I like camping.”

18.) If you were a zoo animal, what would you be? “A honey badger. You’ve never seen one? They’re just mean, and they’re quick. There’s a comedy skit about a honey badger that I just saw the other day.”

19.) What cheers you up? “Shelly. She always cheers me up. And, I cheer her up, too, when she needs cheering up.”

20.) If you could own your dream car, what would it be? “Ford Mustang GT 350R. Blue. Beautiful blue, like, wow-blue. My friend has one. He tossed me the keys the other day and said, ‘let’s go for a ride’. There were only 500 of them made.”

Brent DeLay and Shelly Nielson pose for a photo Thursday afternoon. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Brent DeLay, 48, has lived in Lake Havasu City for 12 years. He moved here to be with his girlfriend Shelly Nielson. In the beginning, it was Shelly who was the racer and Brent would cheer her on from the stands.

Brent credits her for getting him into racing. He locally races motocross, Jet Skis, and Factory Stock racecars.
During his six-year racing career, he has crashed two race cars. Brent said he prefers racing the racecars to anything else because it hurts less when he crashes.

This race season, Brent is in his third racecar. He is number 29.

Brent and Shelly have three dogs together including two Yorkies, Bella Mozzarella and Buster Brown; and one Springer Spaniel, Layla. Brent also owns and operates Grand Slam Pool Services, in Havasu.

The race season begins Oct. 1 at Havasu 95 Speedway, located at SARA Park, in Havasu. As a racer, Brent is a popular, fan-favorite there.

For more information on the speedway and the race season schedule, visit www.havasu95speedway.com.


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  1. Bryan Clevenger says:

    My name is Bryan C.
    Great interview with Brent DeLay. Known him since the early 90’s & no matter how much time goes by in between seeing each other (I live in WA state) we always have a big smile for each other when crossing paths yet again.
    Pretty cool coming across this write-up today (on FB) about Brent. Learned a few things i didn’t know about him. Hope the people who reads this or get the chance to meet Brent know how Great of a guy and good friend he is.

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