928MX St. Patty’s Grand Prix

Dirt bike riders gathered in Lake Havasu City for the 928MX‘s St. Patty’s Grand Prix series. More than five miles of grueling desert terrain, combined with a classic motocross track, put riders endurance to the test as they rode for 50 minutes each race.

Junior rider 221 Seth Burnett placed 1st in his class, 85cc B, during Race 5.
Junior rider 928 Bubba Brandel placed 2nd in his class, 85cc B, during Race 5.
Junior rider 526 Dane Burnett placed 4th in his class, 85cc B, during Race 5.


R: 221J Seth Burnett, M: 526J Dane Burnett, L: 928J Bubba Brandel – Nathan Adler/RiverScene

All three youth racers said the course was pretty rough, but that they had fun and it will help them to build endurance for the upcoming WORCS Race series at the end of March.

Seth Burnett said that he was currently 2nd in overall points for his class in the WORCS series; Bubba Brandel was 3rd; and Dane Burnett was 4th.

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Rider 290 L. Johnson at the starting line of Race 6. Nathan Adler/RiverScene


Riders prepare to race a 5 mile loop for 50 minutes in Race 6. Nathan Adler/RiverScene

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