AMX Arizona Motocross Championship At SARA Park

AMX Arizona Motocross Championship At SARA Park
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The scene at Lake Havasu City’s Motocross Park on Saturday morning included plenty of dust, safety gear and supporters. Motocross riders of all ages and skill levels came out to practice on the SARA Park track, getting ready for the big races on Sunday. Camping, great food and family fun are on the agenda through Sunday at the SARA Park Motocross track, where the most talented two-wheelers have gathered to compete for first place.

Rick Powell/RiverScene

Local organization 928MX is hosting the AMX Arizona Motocross Championship Series. The event is open to the public — gates open Sunday 6:30 a.m., and racing begins at 9 a.m.

Sand and dirt of just the right consistency have been hauled in to perfect the nicely groomed track. SARA Park’s scenery is the ideal backdrop for the weekend, including the most amazing weather in the western United States. The event is idyllic for a weekend of family fun — a bounce house and food vendors are sure to keep every family member satisfied. Attendees should be prepared for Sunday’s race day to be full of action. Riders of all ages are ready to hit the track and show off their skills.

“Keeping kids on the right track” is the ultimate goal of 928MX, which promotes keeping Lake Havasu City’s youth active. Plenty of proud parents surrounded the track and filled the parking lots during Saturday’s practice.

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A post on the 928MX Facebook page says it all:

“You see a ‘show off’ with a new pair of $400 boots every 6 months .… I see a kid in a dangerous sport. One who has shattered bones without shedding a tear. Wearing a cast from his toes to his butt, he would ask the Dr. just one question…. ‘when can I ride again?’ ”

The riders participating in Sunday’s championship race are dedicated and passionate about their sport. They’ve worked incredibly hard and are ready to showcase their talents on the track in front of their families and friends.

Rick Powell/RiverScene

“He has so much fun doing this. We like watching him ride and improve, but we love watching him play with his new friends even more,” said proud dad Nick Sampson. Groups of Motocross friends laughing and encouraging each other is a heartwarming reminder of why the sport is so important.

AMX Arizona Motocross Championship promises a good Moto morning on Sunday. For more information on 928MX, visit:


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