Arizona MVD Now Allows Teens To Take Permit Test At Home

Arizona MVD Now Allows Teens To Take Permit Test At Home
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The anxiety a teen experiences when taking the trip to the local motor vehicle division to take the permit test may have been eliminated by technology.

The Arizona MVD allows teen drivers to take their permit test at home online or from a professional driving school, according to the department’s website. (

Teenagers, at least 15 years 6 months and under 18 years old, must pass the test to obtain their Arizona Instruction Permit. A score of at least 80 percent is required to pass.

If taking the test from home, a parent or legal guardian must supervise the teen who is taking the test.

If taking the test at a professional driving school, a code will be generated that the teen can take to the trainer who will supervise the test. Prior to registering, please contact the professional driving school being used to determine if they offer this service and for scheduling details.

Whether testing from home or at a professional driving school, the parent or legal guardian must register the teen and pay the $7 fee. Payment may be made using ePayment (Credit Card/eCheck). If the teen is unable to pass the test within three attempts, an additional payment of $7 will be required for the next three attempts.

After successfully passing the test, the teen and/or parent or legal guardian will receive an email with further instructions on obtaining an Arizona Instruction Permit.

Permit Test @ Home requires a computer or tablet with Internet access and one of the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer version 10 or 11 run on Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

The test is not supported on devices with a screen size of 7.9 inches or smaller, including iPhones, Android smartphones, iPad Mini, or smaller tablets.

Travel ID Needed Starting October 2020

A Travel ID endorsement will be necessary for to use an Arizona Driver License or Identification Card at TSA security checkpoints as well as access restricted areas in federal facilities, nuclear power plants and military facilities. The cost is $25 and initial documentation is needed to apply.

Complete information about how to upgrade to the Travel ID in time for the change can be found at

Other online services offered at the website include

Vehicle Registration Renewal

Renew your vehicle registration after completing an emissions test, if applicable. Once completed, the vehicle registration will be updated immediately on the Motor Vehicle Division database and your new registration and tab will be mailed to you. The fee varies depending upon the year, make and model of your vehicle.

Duplicate Driver License/ID

Order a Duplicate Driver License or Identification Card and receive it in the mail. The fee is $12. An Express Delivery option is available for an additional fee, allowing you to receive expedited delivery at a location of your choosing.

Change of Address/Email

Update your residential and mailing addresses on your MVD record. You can also, add, change or delete an email address. This service is free.

Restricted Use Three-Day Permit

This service allows use of an unregistered vehicle to be driven in Arizona for one of these valid purposes: emissions testing, vehicle inspection, or application for title and/or registration and vehicle repair to comply with emissions or inspection. The vehicle must be in compliance with the mandatory insurance requirements for the State of Arizona. Have a printer available to enable printing of the permit upon payment. The fee is $1 and it’s valid for three business days.

30-Day General Use Permit

A 30-Day General Use Permit allows the registered owner of the vehicle to purchase the permit for operating the vehicle when no other permit applies. The vehicle must be in compliance with the mandatory vehicle insurance requirements for the State of Arizona. Have a printer available to enable printing of the permit upon payment. The fee is $15.

Personalized/Specialty Plates

Browse, sample and buy a Specialty and/or Personalized License Plate. Select and view the style and personalization, then order your plate. The fee for most specialty plates is $25/year. Personalization is $25/year.

Voter Registration

Register to vote or update your existing registration. Complete the brief application for a new registration or any changes to your current voter information. This service is free.

Motor Vehicle Record

Obtain a copy of your own Motor Vehicle Record—Driver License, 39-month uncertified; Title and Registration. The fee is $3.

Off-Highway Vehicle Decal

Purchase an initial off-highway vehicle decal; renew an off-highway vehicle decal; or replace a lost, stolen or mutilated off-highway vehicle decal. The fee for initial or renewal is $25. A replacement is $5. Off-Highway

Plate Credit

View the amount of credit available on a current license plate. This service is free.

To obtain a refund for the unused portion of the license plate amount, please use Plate Refund .

Plate Refund

Request a refund for the available refundable fees for a license plate when the owner transfers or sells the vehicle. There is a $12 processing fee that will be deducted from the refund amount.

Sold Notice

Notify the Motor Vehicle Division upon the sale, transfer of ownership or when a lease has ended for your vehicle that is titled and/or registered in Arizona. This service is free. Sold Notice

Tab Replacement

Request a new license plate tab to replace one that is lost, stolen, or damaged. A replacement registration will be issued, also. The fee for the tab and registration is $5.00 and it will be mailed to you. Tab Replacement

Duplicate Registration

Print a Duplicate Vehicle Registration to replace one that is lost or damaged. Have a printer available to enable printing of the registration upon payment. The fee is $4.

Vehicle Fee Recap

View and print your own report of vehicle license tax and registration fees paid during the previous calendar year. This service is free.

Driver License Reinstatement

Reinstate your driver license following a suspension or revocation. When applicable, receive a new license. The fee varies depending upon reinstatement requirements.

Insurance Verification

Verify that the Motor Vehicle Division has your current active insurance policy on file. This service is free.



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