Balloons Visit Havasu Schools

Balloons Visit Havasu Schools
Judy Lacey / 13 Jan 2017 / No Comments » Comments

Thursday morning, excited Lake Havasu schoolchildren waited in anticipation for a very special happening — a visit from some of the hot air balloons in town for the 7th Annual Balloonfest.

Because of wind, only a couple of the balloons were able to be inflated, but pilots explained how hot air balloons work, and the students were given the opportunity to get an up-close view, some even treated to the opportunity to sit in the baskets.

HPA photo gallery by Rick Powell:

LHHS photo gallery by Erin O’Callaghan:

Havasupai photo gallery by balloon pilot Steve LaCroix:

Guiding Light Preschool photo gallery by Ashley Walsh:

Starline photo gallery by Barbara Stevenson:

Telesis photo gallery by Amber McKinney:

LHHS photo gallery by Jillian Danielson:

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