Boat Drag Racer, Diver And Mentor Finds Success And Sharing In Havasu

Boat Drag Racer, Diver And Mentor Finds Success And Sharing In Havasu
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By Nicole Matheson

Havasuvians are not strangers to water sports, and with the recent International Jet Ski Sports Boating Association Finals in the rear view mirror, RiverScene spoke with water sports athlete and longtime resident, Brian Marble.

Marble, driven by his love for water sports, relocated to Lake Havasu City after college in 1991 to pursue a life revolving around his passion. Beginning in 2013, Marble began working as a tow team member for the Lucas Oil Boat Drag Racing Series, utilizing a personal watercraft to move racing boats to starting positions. It wasn’t long after that the bug for racing motivated him to dip his toes into the industry to pursue a racing career.

Marble’s career began in 2015, when he raced in the Lucas Oil Series PWC1 class and went on to win the title of World Finals Champion in the class. His run didn’t stop there. In 2016, he would garner the title of points champion runner up at the Lucas Oil Drag Racing series PWC1 class.

Most recently, Marble took the win at Arizona Drag Boat Association’s Octoberfest 2019, competing with some of the fastest in the world on the Colorado River.

Speaking of the 2019 season, Marble said, “In 2019, I raced in ADBA series and for the first two races, I had mechanical issues but once those were resolved I was back in it. I was able to come from behind in the points and win the final race which gave me enough accumulated points to win the ADBA championship for 2019.”

photo courtesy Brian Marble

Life Under The Water

In 1998, Marble took his love for the water beneath the surface, becoming a certified diver and has gone on to log more than 1,000 dives. He is now a master diver and a certified rescue diver.

This experience has allowed him recently to be a part of rescue teams at large water sport competitions.

“In 2017, an opportunity came up to start driving for WMI Rescue which, performs rescue operations for SCSC racing series in Parker, Lake Ming and Long Beach, in California, and Bayfair events in San Diego, as well as water ski racing which takes place at Havasu Springs and Parker strip,” Marble said.

Marble has continued his work with WMI and is, “Building a next-generation rescue boat.” Which Marble said will be an exciting development in a field that saves lives.

Designated Operator

Marble started his own business in Lake Havasu City, Designated Operators Services. “Basically, we drive for those people who are inexperienced or want to go on the boat and drink so that they are not responsible.” Which, he adds, “Is an awesome thing.”

Rescuing Spirit

Marble, who suffers from Beckers Muscular Dystrophy, a condition that causes muscles to become damaged and weaken across one’s lifespan, has been an advocate for those who are also afflicted with this eventual loss of muscle tissue.

Marble, inspired by his friend and mentor, Scott Lumbert who would experience a debilitating crash, would spur him to inspire others. “He would wind up crashing and becoming severely injured,” Marble said speaking of Lumbert. “That kind of inspired me to reach out to other people and so I started a charity called Reaching Kids Through Racing.”

At an event shortly after that decision, he said he, “… invited the Muscular Dystrophy Association, families and kids to a race that weekend.”

Kids and parents were celebrities for that day receiving the kind of treatment usually reserved for racers. That experience combined with seeing the impact his invitation made on the lives of children and families, he decided to continue the practice.

“From that point on, I decided I would try to do that and reach out to kids with disabilities to see that there are things in live they can do even when there are challenges facing them,” he said.

Marble announced that the new 2020 season will bring a big change for his charity. “I am still operating the Reaching Kids Through Racing charity at races I race at and am moving the operation to the Lucas Off-road series for 2020”

More information on Reaching Kids Through Racing can be found at

Marble’s sponsors include: Fly Racing, Lucas Oil, Hydroturf, Jetrenu, Solas, Ace Pest Control, river Action Landscaping, Slide Anchor, Pavement Optional, McKees Pub and Grill, Gorr Performance and Big O Tires.

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  1. Renee Edelman says:

    Congratulations on on your win n the ADBA Championship for 20-19 series race ! Your giving back, and organizing others to do the same , is Awsome ! The contributors deserve our business !

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