Building Campaign Underway At Our Lady Of The Lake In Havasu

Building Campaign Underway At Our Lady Of The Lake In Havasu
Nicole Matheson / 13 Feb 2020 / 2 Comments » Comments

By Nicole Matheson

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church has a special building campaign going on right now. Leaders and parishioners are looking forward to the future and a plan that will benefit their members, as well as the community at large. The hope is to move forward with two new buildings to accommodate the growing needs of their school.

For over 6 years, Our Lady of the Lake, has offered education to young students. Now they offer classes from preschool to third grade. The goal now is to offer education through the 8th grade. This requires expanding available classrooms by building two new buildings. The new buildings would be multipurpose as well, as they will also serve the congregation as a banquet hall, offices and conference rooms, and more.

As of this point they have met their goal of raising close to $1.5 million for phase 1. Now phase 2 is underway. For the second phase, they strive to raise $4.4 million to fund the buildings.

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Quality Eduction

The quality of education provided by Our Lady of the Lake is founded on small class sizes and expert instruction. Right now, 60 students fill the classrooms, which are equipped for a lockdown if necessary. Renee Brindis and Barbara Palmieri were gracious enough to show RiverScene around the school.

Sia Krog, first-grade teacher, teaches 14 of those students and shares how much she enjoys the work she is doing. On this particular day, the school was decorated with projects from describing all of their goals in life up to 100 years old as well as family boards illustrating their individual origin stories. Principal Fatima Mu also contributed her own family board, and has enjoyed involvement in the Catholic Church going back to 1995.

Principal Mu’s family board is on display for the students to view it at the school. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene


On March 1st from 2p.m. – 4p.m., at the London Bridge Resort, a reception will be held to explain the campaign. This takes advantage of both the elevated population of snowbirds at this time of year as well as permanent residents. The goal is to raise awareness about the educational needs of the community.

Our Lady of the Lake is looking to the community for donations now, as they realize that educational options in Lake Havasu are beneficial to all. The school isn’t just for Catholics, many of the students come from different denominations. Scholarships are available.

Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

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2 Responses to “Building Campaign Underway At Our Lady Of The Lake In Havasu”

  1. Dee says:

    My daughter attended the preschool there and we had a wonderful experience. We are not Catholic but we welcomed the religious teachings the school offered. Miss Mu is a wonderful person and the school will benefit greatly from having her there.

  2. Adele Shea says:

    For a time I had my nephews ages 7 and 3 living with us. We enrolled the younger one in Our Lady of the Lakes Preschool and the advancement he experienced was amazing. His reading and writing skills had not been developed at all much less knowing his alphabet. Within a few short months he knew his letters, his name and counting skills. The curriculum was well balanced and gave him the structure and basics he needed for when he went back home and entered public school. In addition learning about religion has helped with his much needed coping skills.

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