Cannonball Run Arrives In Lake Havasu

Cannonball Run Arrives In Lake Havasu
Judy Lacey / 24 Sep 2016 / No Comments » Comments

The Cannonball Run is truly a unique kind of motorcycle race. Now in its fourth year, a small band of riders from all over the world must ride across the United States on vintage motorcycles that were made in 1916 or earlier. About half of them are Harley Davidsons, with a few Indians, Hendersons, and one Norton motorcycle. They ride on back roads, with fewer than 100 miles on interstate highways. They average about 300 miles a day, making it a true endurance run.

Only 100 motorcycles are allowed to enter the Cannonball Run. This year, 90 vintage motorcycles left Atlantic City, N.J., Sept. 19, on the 2,400-mile run which will end in San Diego, Calif., Monday. Unfortunately, about 30 broke down and had to withdraw from the race, leaving about 60 or fewer.

The motorcycles arrived in Lake Havasu Friday. They staged at Springberg McAndrew Park on McCulloch Boulevard, where riders were treated to dinner and the community was able see the motorcycles and speak with the drivers.



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