Caught Being K.I.N.D. at Havasu Preparatory Academy

Caught Being K.I.N.D. at Havasu Preparatory Academy
Stefanie Thompson / 06 Apr 2018 / 1 Comment » Comments

This week marks the fifth installment of the K.I.N.D. Project by RiverScene Magazine.

Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) is a series that features students noticed by teachers around school who perform random acts of kindness without any prompt.

This week, RiverScene asked Havasu Preparatory Academy to keep an eye out for those being K.I.N.D. 360 Deli rewarded the kids with a free smoothie. 

Here is who was caught being K.I.N.D. this week at HPA:


Chloe Hansen, First Grade

“You should be kind because when you’re nice you can get good grades and do better in school.”

Chloe helps others with their work in class, and helps friends who forget things like jackets or lunchboxes. This week she helped another student pick up their crayons after their crayon box fell on the floor.

Abby Brown, First Grade

“If you teach [others] if they aren’t kind, then they won’t have friends or fun stuff in their lives. If they’re kind they won’t feel bad.”

Abby is part of her classroom’s cleaning crew. She helps other students tie their shoes, or loans out pencils to those who need one. She is a “mini-teacher.”

Curtis Walters, First Grade

“We should help people be good friends, and be nice to people all the time and help people.”

Curtis will try to cheer up his classmates if they are sad, and holds the front gate open for other students coming into school in the morning as she greets them.

Emily Cummins, Third Grade

“You should be kind because if someone is hurt and no one helps them, I think it’s good to help them.”

Emily is kind to classmates by being helpful. If someone drops something she helps pick it up. If someone is sad, she will make sure they are OK.

Leah Hahn, Third Grade

“It’s important to be kind so you’re not hurting other people’s feelings.”

Leah went out of her way to make sure a classmate who had been gone for awhile felt welcome when they returned.

Sienna Rimke, Third Grade

“[Being kind] is important so you don’t hurt others’ feelings.”

Sienna shows kindness in the cafeteria and is very respectful to staff members.

Kylie Jackson, Fourth Grade

“Well [kindness] helps other people be happy, and it feels good inside too.”

Kylie always assists one of her classmates who has difficulties getting around. She holds her hand and always lets her know she’s there for her.

Marcenzie Mutombo, Fifth Grade

“It’s important to be kind because it’s like the saying, ‘treat people like you want to be treated.’ So I try to treat people with kindness and respect, because that’s how I want to be treated.”

Marcenzie often compliments classmates and congratulates them on their successes. She volunteers to help clean the classroom without being asked. This week, another student dropped a bin of markers and Marcenzie immediately went to help clean it up.

Michael Thumm, Sixth Grade

“Being kind helps you want to make friends. It also helps them have a good day, and if you’re kind to them then they’re kind to you too.”

Michael cares about his classmates and teacher, always asking how they are and what they’ve been doing. He holds the door open for others every day.

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One Response to “Caught Being K.I.N.D. at Havasu Preparatory Academy”

  1. Mrs Miller says:

    So many thoughtful, kind students at HPA. I miss seeing them.

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