Caught Being K.I.N.D At Havasupai Elementary

Caught Being K.I.N.D At Havasupai Elementary
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More Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) were spotted this week at Havasupai Elementary School. The group of 10 students were recognized performing a thoughtful gesture to faculty, staff or a peer student.

As a reward, each student that was caught being kind was awarded a $10 gift card from Colby Steele of Summerlin Financial and Only Orchids.

Armani Castaneda, Kindergarten

“Armani saved his reward candy to give to his brother.”

Arianna Murdock, First grade

“Arianna shared the bars at recess.”

Jayden Rojas, First grade

“Jayden helped other students find the page in their book.”

Genesis Quintero, 3rd grade

“Genesis shows kindness when she helps others during reading partner.”

Vionce Bautista-Hernandez, 3rd grade 

“Vionce shows kindness when she stays quiet while someone is talking.”

Amelia Roper, 4th grade

“Amelia shows kindness by helping classmates in small groups.”

Axel Salcedo-Enriquez, 4th grade

“Axel showed kindness by helping a classmate who had tripped.”

Kaden Reitzammer, 4th grade

“Kaden is kind because he shares the basketball at recess.”

Kyleigh Olah, 4th grade

“Kyleigh is very kind to everyone around her.”

Matthew Twineham, 5th grade 

“Matthew is very kind to everyone around him.”






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