Caught Being K.I.N.D At Oro Grande Elementary

Caught Being K.I.N.D At Oro Grande Elementary
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More Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) were spotted this week at Oro Grande Elementary School.

The group of 13 students were recognized performing a thoughtful gesture to faculty, staff or a peer student.

Each student caught being kind was awarded a coupon to Smallcakes, donated by Smallcakes.

Here are the Oro Grande Roadrunners who were caught being K.I.N.D.:

Bryan Dorantes, Kindergarten

“We had a kindergarten student join our group in the middle of a lesson and he jumped right up to get him a white board, marker, and eraser so they all had the same supplies as the rest of the students in the group.”

Jake Byram, Kindergarten

“As we were walking in to and from reading today, Jake stopped each time, faced the door holder holder and said ‘thank you’ along with using their name. This put a nice smile on the face of our door holder.”

Troy Sommerstedt, 1st Grade

“Chose to work with a student who is a struggling reader. Troy was really patient with him, helped him follow along as they were reading and helped him read words he didn’t know.”

Caitlin King, 1st Grade

She cleaned up my classroom, without being asked, after some students left the book area messy. She picked up the books, organized the bookshelves, and picked up the trash off of the floor.”

Jacob Venditto, 2nd Grade

“Playing with a younger student wo has a difficulty making peer relations.”

Aerilin Melling, 2nd Grade

“Gave up her recess to help another student with his work.”

Joseph Simpson, 2nd Grade

“Cares for others, a student with food allergies is aided by his careful eye each day.”

Lilliana Kobis, 3rd Grade

“Caught being kind by Ms. Bisby on the upper field, came all the way from her playground area using up her recess tie to bring me back a bunch of my passes.”

Travis Snyder, 3rd Grade

“Helped another student in class today with reading.”

Tiana Morris, Halo Jump, and Dion Hardin, 4th Grade

“Were super sweet comforting a student today who’s pet lizard died. On their own they went over to her at lunch and were checking to see if she was ok and to comfort her.”

Mina Lenox, 6th Grade

“Daily picks up trash around campus to take care of our school and environment.”





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