Caught Being K.I.N.D At Starline Elementary

Caught Being K.I.N.D At Starline Elementary
Jillian Danielson / 14 Dec 2018 / 1 Comment » Comments

More Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) were spotted this week at Starline Elementary School. The group of 10 students were recognized performing a thoughtful gesture to faculty, staff or a peer student.

As a reward, each student that was caught being kind was awarded a gift card from Dustin Steele of 360 Deli and 360 Grind and Grill.

Allice Evans, Kindergarten: “Always willing to go out of her way to help others without being asked. She is constantly picking up trash on the playground to help keep the school nice. She loves to help her teacher even when she could be doing something more fun.”

Ellie Krueger, First Grade: “Kind Heart, gives hugs when the teacher needs them, helps with jobs when students are absent.”

Marissa Baker, Second Grade: “Always assisting her classmates with her classwork and gives lots of positive encouragement.”

Brooke Bedford, Second Grade: “Has a smiling face for everyone. She kindly does every task given to her.”

Makenna Roger, Third Grade: “Friendly to everyone she meets, loves to help and is always asking if her peers need assistance. Incredibly welcoming to new students and makes them feel comfortable in a new school.”

Madison Hanke, Fourth Grade: “Always goes above and beyond to help us. Intentional acts of kindness.”

Tyler Pace, Fourth Grade: “Always helpful during the day, goes out of his way and expects nothing in return. He helps clear the field after recess.”

Olivia Bargos, Sixth Grade: “Always kind-hearted and wanting to help others.”

Kaia Langstaff, Sixth Grade: “Always helping other classmates.”

Landen Nigg, Sixth Grade: “Always willing to help others no matter what.”

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  1. Pat says:

    Robin you have some very special grandkids! You are a great Grandma!

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