Caught Being K.I.N.D At Thunderbolt Middle School

Caught Being K.I.N.D At Thunderbolt Middle School
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More Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) were spotted this week at Thunderbolt Middle School. The group of 10 students were recognized performing a thoughtful gesture to faculty, staff or a peer student.

Each student caught being kind was awarded a gift card for smoothies and refreshers by Michael Bonney of GDK  CPA, LLC. The donations were presented by Cameron Moses of Only Orchids.

Here are the Thunderbolt Thundercats  who were caught being K.I.N.D.:

Maya Aurand,7th:

“Maya is a bright spot in my third period and in my day. In the halls, she is kind and always takes time to say hello and wish me a good day. During class, she shares and works well with her table. I also appreciate how she listens attentively and is always self-directed and on task. Maya is a top notch student. Maya’s table benefits from her focus and willingness to share and help others. I am always left with a smile after working with Maya.”

Katie Bell, 7th:

“Katie is a delightful young lady with a limitless, positive attitude. When she is not working as a T.A. or her school work, she is creating beautiful, positive message posters for her own use.”

Zoey Chambers, 7th: 

“Zoey is smart, kind, and is always helpful. When her teacher was having a rough week, Zoey wrote an uplifting note that turned that teacher’s frown upside down. Then there was a student struggling in class. Zoey was seated next to him and all week she worked with him (voluntarily) to help him succeed. Zoey’s bright smile and huge heart is just beginning to make a difference on many kids in her classes and in our school.”

Michael Flowers, 7th:

“Michael has been a tremendous help to the student next to him. He helps this student with organization and repeating directions if needed. When color-coding items, Michael helps this student pick out the colors that he can see, as the student is colorblind and his vision is limited.”

Ezra Horn, 7th:

“Ezra truly exemplifies kindness. He goes out of his way to say hello to both students and teachers. He makes a point of telling us to have a nice day as he leaves our classes or the hallway at the end of the day. I have never heard a single word from his mouth that was unkind. Ezra is truly a role model.”

Harley Johnson, 8th: 

“Harley was seen by Mr. Chapple helping out in the lunch room with chairs after lunch was over. There were several chairs knocked over on the floor as the students left lunch and she stayed and started to pick them up and place them in the correct spot on her own.”

Taylor Kelly, 8th: 

“Taylor is always doing what is expected of him. He is kind and considerate to all of his classmates. He makes good use of his time in class and always works to the best of his ability.”

Nicholas Roman, 8th:

“While working on an in-class assignment that was due the next day, Nicholas and two other students noticed another student was struggling to find his materials. The three students then took his binder and worked together to clean and organize the binder so that their classmate could have success. They willingly did this and gave up their own time to do so.”

Tristan Rymer, 8th: 

“Tristen held the front door open as students were getting off the busses and welcomed them to school. He then proceeded to shake everyone’s hands as they came through the door. He was not asked to do this, he did it all on his own.”

Lydia Wofford, 8th: 

“Lydia always comes to school with a bright smile and friendly attitude. she actively looks for positive things in her surroundings and is generous with spreading her joy, showing interest in others, and giving heartfelt compliments.”

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