Caught Being K.I.N.D.: Starline Elementary

Caught Being K.I.N.D.: Starline Elementary
Grace Usher / 20 Apr 2018 / 1 Comment » Comments

By Grace Usher

More Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) were spotted this week at Starline Elementary School.  The group of 11 students were recognized performing a thoughtful gesture to faculty, staff or a peer student.

Each student caught being kind was awarded one full meal at Jack in the Box, donated by Trevor Butkus. The donations were presented by Cameron Moses of Only Orchids.

Here are the Starline Starblazers who were caught being K.I.N.D.:

Indi Lytle, 1st Grade

“She strives to make sure all classroom friends are included in our classroom. She will work with students who don’t have a partner and invite students to join her at playtime if she notices they are lonely. For Dr. Seuss week, she made up a costume for twin day for her and another student who generally would not have a friend to twin with. This was very special to the other student and her mom.”

Tyler Barrett, 2nd Grade

“I’m helpful because I show them what we are learning about and if they don’t get it I’ll help them”

Madison Hanke, 3rd Grade

“I show acts of kindness to a student [with autism] in my class. I help him in the morning by reading with him. I have him stand in line with me so then he makes good choices. I like to help him so he doesn’t feel left out”

Guin Hagest, 4th Grade

“She is always smiley and kind to everyone. During the AZMerit testing, she helped sharpen pencils for her teachers. She came by my office, on her own, and asked if i needed any additional help. She went around and gathered up testing materials. She is caring and respectful.”

Trevor Thompson, 4th Grade

“When I did an act of kindness, it was during a gift exchange. A lot of people were getting great gifts then someone in my class got tic-tac-toe to go. I then realized he was feeling down so I went to get my extra gift I had brought. I gave it to him. When he got it he was filled with joy!”

Payden Nickell, 4th Grade

“Today was my first day of school. When I sat down there was a girl named Payden who sat in front of me. Payden and I played with each other all day and became friends” (Written by Payzlie Mariani)

Payzlie Mariani, 4th Grade

“When it was my first day at school in Arizona, I was so nervous even scared but people were so nice. I met a girl named Payzlie. She was very nice and we became friends”(Written by Payden Nickell)

Logan Paul, 5th Grade

“Several students wrote notes about how caring Logan has been, helping them when they were alone or had problems.”

Tyler Turton, 5th Grade

“He is always making pictures for his teacher and classmates to cheer them up!”

Kaia Lam, 6th Grade

“Kaia has given up her lunch recesses, twice a week, to help tutor a student she barely knew. I know she has made a positive impact on this student.”

Devin Dreisbach, 6th Grade

“Helped clean the lunchroom for the custodian, wiping down trash cans outside, picking up trash, and sweeping leaves. He has been helpful throughout the year to keep the campus clean.”

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  1. JoAnne says:

    It’s so nice to hear how thoughtful and caring our LHC children are! So proud of all of them!

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