Caught Being K.I.N.D. at Smoketree Elementary

Caught Being K.I.N.D. at Smoketree Elementary
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This week marks the second installment of the K.I.N.D. Project by RiverScene Magazine.

Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) is a series that features students noticed by teachers around school who perform random acts of kindness without any prompt.

This week, RiverScene asked Smoketree Elementary to keep an eye out for those being K.I.N.D.

Each K.I.N.D. student received a $10 movie pass to Star Cinemas, donated by the Keller Williams Realty “A Team,” Chad Nelson. 

Here is who was caught being K.I.N.D. this week at Smoketree Elementary:


Kylah Jones, Kindergarten

Kylah played with a non-verbal, special-needs student at recess. Kylah understood that all students are different and wanted to give the student someone to play with.


Ricky Canez, Kindergarten

Ricky reminded his peer to “stay safe” when on a field trip by paying attention to teacher’s directions.


Kevin Aguilar, Kindergarten

Kevin was prepared for Kinderswim and followed all rules without a reminder.


Charlie Barnes, First Grade

Charlie played with a student on the playground who felt left out.


Wyatt Bell, First Grade

Wyatt has read more than 100 books and helped a resource student with reading.


Mark Silva, Second Grade

Mark helped a struggling student with difficult words in an A.R. book and assisted the student in taking the test.


Kylynn Claas, Third Grade

Kylynn comforted an upset student with hugs and making them laugh.


Steven Masden, Fourth Grade

Steven has been caught multiple times making sure his peers are prepared for class with pencils and paper.


Sophie Rivello, Fourth Grade

Sophie has been noticeably kind and respectful to classmates.


Jade Hayden, Fifth Grade

Jade held the door open for all students.


Daniela Martinez-Chacon, Sixth Grade

Daniela helps many peers with understanding difficult concepts in class.


Smoketree Elementary focuses on the positive acts of students. The Champ Award program recognizes respectful, outstanding attitude, always safe, and responsible (R.O.A.R.) students, who receive a button and special privileges for the week. The elementary school also awards these students with luncheons, shout-outs on the morning announcements, and more.

Feature Photo: Chad Nelson, L.H.U.S.D Superintendent Diana Asseier, and Smoketree Elementary School Principal Connie Hogard pose for a photo with students caught being K.I.N.D.


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  1. Alexa conti says:

    I used to go there when I was in third grade, I was there for a few months till summer! Hello to my old smoketree teachers!!

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