Caught Being K.I.N.D. At Telesis Preparatory Academy

Caught  Being K.I.N.D. At Telesis Preparatory Academy
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By Grace Usher

Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) spotlights those students who are giving back to their peers and community in the manner of random acts of kindness. Children are some of the best examples of kind deeds; many of which go unnoticed. Throughout the week, teachers were asked to look for K.I.N.D. kids.

This week, we asked Telesis Preparatory Academy for their K.I.N.D. kids.

Each K.I.N.D. student was also given a free sandwich or smoothie coupon donated by 360 Deli.

Here are the Telesis students from this week:

Ashlynn Denekas, First Grade

“I picked up trash at every table in the cafeteria without being asked.”

Adonis Alba, Third Grade

“I was respectful to my teacher and did all my work.”

Vance Phillips, Third Grade

“I was nice to others.”

Jessee Loyd, Second Grade

“I did everything my teacher said.”

Danielle Gilchrist, Third Grade

“I helped my brother who fell when we went on a walk.”

Max Alariana, Third Grade

“I picked up someone’s book in class.”

Makenna Kelley, Third Grade

“ My brother fell in the water and I quickly helped him up.”

Emaleigh Daniels, Third Grade

“I smiled and did something nice.”

Heaven Marical, Third Grade

“I helped my mom clean the house.”

Isabella Shumake, Third Grade

“I helped someone do their math.”

Chris Riebel, Third Grade

“I cleaned up trash all over the school.”

Blake Swanson, Fourth Grade

“When no one else volunteered to help a student who didn’t know the lesson, I was the only one who volunteered to help.”

Cydney Carr, 12th Grade

“I invited a new kid to sit with us at lunch.”

Cassady Clark, Eighth Grade

“I helped people with math.”

Clain Kirkpatrick, Seventh Grade

“After school, I helped clean my teachers classroom.”


Tristen Roperge, 7th Grade

“I helped another student with math”

Aikada Chee, Seventh Grade

“I helped people with work and cleaned up after people.”

Aiden Elder, Fourth Grade

“I helped people in math and helped correct homework problems”

Telesis Preparatory Academy already spotlights its thoughtful students with the Positive Strokes program. Throughout the school week, teachers keep an eye out for kind students who  demonstrate kindness to others. The teachers fill out a card to be submitted to Telesis principal, superintendent and founder, Dr. Sandy Breece. Dr. Breece then calls each individual’s parent to inform them of their child’s recognized deed.

RiversceneScene Magazine will be visiting a new school each week to spot those students caught being kind. Stay tuned to see more students caught being K.I.N.D.

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