Caught Being K.I.N.D. at Thunderbolt Middle School

Caught Being K.I.N.D. at Thunderbolt Middle School
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This week marks the third installment of the K.I.N.D. Project by RiverScene Magazine.

Kids Involved in Nice Deeds (K.I.N.D.) is a series that features students noticed by teachers around school who perform random acts of kindness without any prompt.

This week, RiverScene asked Thunderbolt Middle School to keep an eye out for those being K.I.N.D.

Here is who was caught being K.I.N.D. this week at Thunderbolt Middle School:


Averi Pettinato, Seventh Grade

“People need kindness because they could have bad things happening at home or could be bullied … They need encouragement.”


Bobbi Auten, Seventh Grade

“When you’re kind it can help bring people’s confidence up. And if you bring up one, then they might bring up another. It’s important because there are a lot of mean people out there. Being kind helps instead.”


Carissa Jaks, Seventh Grade

“Some people don’t like to be told what to do. But if you can be kind, maybe they will feel better … it’s important to be kind and help them.”


Aaron Miller, Eighth Grade

“Being kind can mean the difference in someone’s day. You never know what they’re going through or what will happen in their life. Kindness makes the world go ’round.”


Ariel Rodriguez-Munoz, Eighth Grade

“Being kind spreads all over the world. If you are kind to someone, then the other person gives kindness back.”


Deven Carrasco, Eighth Grade

“Being kind is good for making new friends.”


Kailey Eckland, Eighth Grade

“You never know what someone is going through. Being kind can make their day and help them.”


Mackenzi Gonzales, Eighth Grade

“Kindness spreads like a wildfire. Hate spreads too, and that’s not good. Spreading kindness makes the world better.”


Sophie Wescott, Eighth Grade

“[Being kind] can make someone’s day; it makes them happier. And when they are happy, then they will be kind to someone else, and it just continues and continues.”


Zach Verburgge, Eighth Grade

“Being kind is important because I hope if I do something for someone, then if I was in the same situation that they would do it back for me.”

This week, Brewed and Blended rewarded these K.I.N.D. kids with a $10 gift card to the shop located under the London Bridge. The kids can chose a treat from a variety of Acai Bowls and smoothies as their reward.


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