CHIN-UP Inc., Continues Legacy Of Longtime Volunteer With Food Bank Donation

CHIN-UP Inc., Continues Legacy Of Longtime Volunteer With Food Bank Donation
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CHIN-UP Inc., is a nonprofit organization engaged in helping Havasuvians for more than 25 years.

As part of the Lake Havasu City Interagency Council, CHIN-UP provided financial aid and education to families regarding budgeting, grocery shopping and more.

Following the demise of Interagency Council over the summer, CHIN-UP formed its own 501c3 nonprofit.

CHIN-UP raises its funding from coupons placed on products at Smith’s grocery store. The coupons are gathered by volunteers to the organization who then place them on selected products throughout the store. The coupons are collected from the store after customers purchase them and they are redeemed by CHIN-UP dollar for dollar.

Sept. 6, CHIN-U made its first donation to the Havasu Community Health Foundation’s new food bank on Kiowa Boulevard. The $5,000 donation was made in honor of Sally Smith, who passed away this summer. Smith, a longtime volunteer and member of the Interagency Council board of directors, was the driving force behind CHIN-UP and the group said it plans on continuing her legacy and dedication to heling the less fortunate in Lake Havasu City.

When making the donation, the group invoked the CHIN-UP motto, “Helping the less fortunate of Lake Havasu, one coupon at a time.”

For more information, contact Angela Sloma at 928-208-6449, or email her at

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photo courtesy Angela Sloma


photo courtesy Angela Sloma

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