Citizen Spotlight: Janice Brown And Sarah Ross

Citizen Spotlight: Janice Brown And Sarah Ross
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By Emily Cassens

Lake Havasu City just wouldn’t be the same without Parks and Recreation — an essential organization that plays a huge part in making the community such a great place to play.

There are two women who work behind the scenes of Parks and Recreation to ensure its operations are executed smoothly — Sarah Ross and Janice Brown. Both Ross and Brown are Program Coordinators.

“Parks and Recreation is a common ground in our community that brings us all together, no matter where you come from or what you bring to the table,” the duo agreed. Ross and Brown dedicate themselves to an extensive list of Parks and Recreation community activities and programs throughout the year.

Programs these two women work to execute throughout the year include:

-After School Program
-Sunshine Summer Camps
-Camp Iwannago
-Winter and Spring Break Camps
-Youth Adventure Camp
-Youth Flag Football and Junior Cheerleading
-Youth Basketball
-Fall Fun Fair
-Concerts in the Park
-Children’s Community Celebration
-Community Dinner
-Teen Volunteer Program

Brown oversees six after-school programs and their staff, she also coordinates activities and training for summer camps. She loves spending her days working with children and seeing the positive impact she has on their everyday lives.

“Every day brings new and rewarding experiences when it comes to children and the community,” Brown said.

Brown has lived in Lake Havasu City for 17 years and has been with the Parks and Recreation Department for 13 years. She said she is proud of the fact that members of the Havasu community continue to trust the Parks and Recreation team and their programs with their children.

Ross oversees and coordinates special events and youth sports.

“I love seeing the children smile and being able to work with different departments and community members to make events happen for our community,” Ross said.

Sarah Ross and Janice Brown slide down one of the slides at Rotary Park. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

She was born and raised in Lake Havasu City and has been with Parks and Recreation for 15 years.

“We have grown and expanded with the needs of the community. Our customers come in all ages and as their needs change, we strive to change with them.”

Both women said they find their roles in Parks and Recreation extremely rewarding.

“When we successfully pull off an event, it’s magic! It takes a lot of work from a lot of people and when the event is a success, it’s rewarding for everyone involved,” they said.

Ross said, “Fall Fun Fair is one of my favorite events. I get to work with school clubs, groups and organizations. I see them put together amazing booths then see children and families come play their games all for the benefit of each group.”

The pair of women also said they find time in their busy schedules to volunteer for community events. “Little Delbert Days, at one time a city sponsored event, is our favorite event to volunteer for. We get to watch the kids ride animals they would not have a chance to if it wasn’t for the Friends of the Fair. The joy on their faces is so rewarding,” they explained.

Ross and Brown are both looking forward to being a part of the future of Parks and Recreation by adding new programs and events to enrich the lives in their community.

Ross said, “We have a very giving community, they really come together to assist and attend events not just put on by the city but other groups throughout.”

“One of the key factors to having a “GREAT JOB” is the people you work with day in and day out, I am truly blessed!” – Ross’s and Brown’s supervisor, Donna Best-Carlton (Recreation Supervisor)

For more information on Lake Havasu City Parks and Recreation, visit

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