Community Gathers At First Lake Havasu Community Schools Coalition Meeting

Community Gathers At First  Lake Havasu Community Schools Coalition Meeting
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By Janet Cruz

More than 28 community members gathered for the first Lake Havasu Community Schools Coalition meeting inside Shugrue’s Boardroom Monday afternoon. Nonprofit organizations, higher education administrators and members of local media were among the first attendees to the inaugural meeting.

“We were able to take some time to get acquainted as community partners, build some focus groups designed to work together to share out our needs and work together to support our schools in the areas of donations, fundraising, volunteers, and community outreach,” said Andrea Helart, Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator for Lake Havasu Unified School District.

School Coalition

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According to Helart, the Lake Havasu Community Schools Coalition’s goal is to create a more systematic way for community organizations and leaders to lean on each other and ensure local schools thrive in a proactive way.

The coalition also strives to create a partnership with businesses and outreach partners to serve the needs of families and schools in  Lake Havasu City.

After a few focus groups, topics mentioned included district current and future needs, including in the areas of student services, and items that will assist with student achievement.

“Future meetings will be focused on community events, or fundraising efforts for our schools or connected nonprofits, as well as building action steps toward each quarter’s needs and goals,”  she said.

The coalition also plans to create a more collective conversation with many future partners to help them work together and avoid creating gaps in need or repetition in their goals.

Realtors, nonprofits such as the K-12 Foundation, United Way and Kiwanis club are just some who currently assist schools with drives, supplies and contributions.

School Coalition

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“We are excited to create a more systematic way to lean in on each other and help our schools thrive now and into the future,” Helart said.

Community members or organizations who would like to get involved in supporting Lake Havasu City schools can contact Andrea Helart by emailing her at

There is also a Community Schools Coalition Interest survey members of the community can also fill out online at

Lake Havasu School Coalition

Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

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