Community Members Come Together To Give Back To Homeless Community

Community Members Come Together To Give Back To Homeless Community
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Monday, The Clothes Closet Inc., Hilltop Community Church, Catholic Charities Community Services, Ray’s Flat Top Joint, and Tease and Polish all joined forces to give back to the homeless community.

Hot meals provided by Lin’s Little China and the Red Onion were served by volunteers Monday. Rick Powell/RiverScene

During the holiday season, not everyone has the opportunity to spend time in cheer, but rather may just be trying to make it day by day. Every person has essential needs such as water, food, clothing and personal hygiene items that many take for granted. These groups joined together to give these necessities to those who are unable to provide for themselves.

From noon to 5 p.m., on McCulloch Boulevard, groups had three rooms that provided three services to those in need. One room supplied clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, tents and tarps that were free for any attendee to look through and take what they needed.

“We heard lots of ‘Thank You’s’ and ‘This is just what I needed.’ Everyone was very, very thankful,” shared Kathy Bingham, a volunteer with Hilltop Church.

Rick Powell/RiverScene


The next area was a dining hall with food donated by Lin’s Little China and Red Onion. People could come get a hot meal served by volunteers and received a Christmas goody bag with food and hygiene products.

“A man came over and I gave him his goody bag and told him it was a Christmas present. He said ‘For me? A present for me?’ He was so excited, it made me tear up.” added Christine Watson, board president and operator of the Clothes Closet Inc.

Across the hall, Ray Black and Katelynn Delorie were giving free haircuts. At one point, the duo had a line down the hallway. Ray Black, owner of Ray’s Flat Top Joint,  is the co-creator of the project with Christine Watson.

Katelynn Delorie and Ray Black give haircuts at no charge to attendees of the event. Rick Powell/RiverScene

“I’ve been trying for years in St. Louis, M0., but the particular spot I was at did not have a large homeless community. When I moved here, I knew I was near Las Vegas and they had a huge problem so I was going to travel and give cuts. I met Christine, who was the right person with the Clothes Closet. We discussed ideas and brought Hilltop in to the plan and hoped we may of had something,” Black said.

“I used to do homeless hair in San Diego. I became friends with Ray and got excited. Now we will be doing this once a month. I had one guy cry today. Seeing them smile makes it so worth it. I just want to help them change their lives,” added Katelynn Delorie, of Tease and Polish Hair Studio.

Overall, the event provided help to more than 100 members of the homeless community.

Volunteers pose for a photo Monday. Rick Powell/RiverScene

Black and Delorie are opening the Flat Top Joint the third Monday of each month for free cuts for those in need.

For more information:

Ray’s Flat Top Joint

2010 McCulloch Blvd

“Reverend” Ray Black

Shop: (928)-733-6323

Cell: (314)-852-7012


The Clothes Closet provides clothing and other supplies to those in need, by appt.:

The Clothes Closet

2018 McCulloch Blvd, inside Print-It-Havasu (across from the Red Onion)

Christine Watson



Hilltop Community Church is open to anyone in need, and provides services in God’s Glory:

Hilltop Community Church

3180 McCulloch Blvd.



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