Contestants Approach Final Month of 90-Day Wellness Transformation Challenge

Contestants Approach Final Month of 90-Day Wellness Transformation Challenge
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By Stefanie Thompson

As May approaches, three Lake Havasu ladies are entering the final phase of the 90-Day Wellness Transformation Challenge, presented by the Innovative Health and Wellness Center.

“We wanted to put together a challenge incorporating everything, inside and out, and not just weight loss,” said Innovative Co-Owner Summer Tilgner. “There’s a lot involved, and a lot of commitment from everyone.”

The challenge began earlier this year with a call for applications. Criteria for applicants included being a full-time Havasu resident, at least 21 years old and more than 20 pounds over the ideal weight. Headed by Innovative, a panel of local health experts in various fields then conducted interviews and chose the three finalists: Catie Sondrol, Kelly Tix and Wendy Yates.

“I think they’ve learned a lot through the process so far, and we have too,” Tilgner said. “Not all diets work for everyone. Not all workout routines work for everyone. There’s definitely been a learning curve.”

“I had never taken time to take care of myself; I was very career-focused,” Yates said. “I thought this was a good opportunity to learn about the options, and I’ve definitely learned a lot.”

Wendy Yates, Kelly Tix, and Catie Sondrol pose in a “before” photo after they were chosen to participate in the challenge. photo courtesy Wendy Yates.

The finalists committed to exercise programs, doctor consultations, skin treatments and a diet regimen for 90 days. They have received massages, facials, laser hair removal and other perks to help them on their journey.

“How cool is it that so many people and businesses in the community have contributed to this,” Sondrol said. “They cared enough to help transform three people’s lives, donating time and products.”

“The community reaching out and following and supporting us has been amazing,” Tix added.

All three finalists had different reasons for applying, but all three said they were gaining so much more than they thought possible.

“I was sort of having a mommy crisis; I had lost who I was,” Sondrol said. “I was putting everyone else first before myself, and I thought this would be the kick in the butt I needed. … [Now], it’s been a roller coaster. It’s been humbling, it’s been freeing, and everything is falling into place like it should. By prioritizing myself, all my relationships, all the pieces, have fallen into place.”

“I’ve always been overweight my whole life, and I just felt this was my time,” Tix said. “As a mom, if you’re down the whole family is affected. … Now I am enjoying working out, and it’s cool to see how the challenge is inspiring others. I’m learning to be high maintenance for myself, and we need that as moms.”

Ultimately, one grand prize winner will be chosen on May 15 by the challenge panel. The winner will receive a total makeover, including CoolSculpting treatments, a gym membership, massages, facials, new clothing, skin care, 30 meals from 360 Deli, and more – all together, a package worth more than $20,000.

The finalists agree that by transforming their lifestyles as part of the challenge, they all feel like they’ve already won.

“I highly encourage people to invest in themselves,” Yates said. “Even if they’re busy, it’s worth it.”

To follow the finalists’ progress or for more information about the 90-Day Wellness Transformation Challenge, visit

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