Creative Professionals Learn Importance Of Networking

Creative Professionals Learn Importance Of Networking
Grace Usher / 09 Aug 2018 / No Comments » Comments

By Grace Usher

More than 50 creative professionals gathered for the August Creative Comrades meetup Wednesday evening.

The theme for the event was the importance of networking in a community like Lake Havasu City. The event was presented by the Partnership for Economic Development.

Speed Networking for Professional. Photo Courtesy: Creative Comrades

Inside the brewery at College Street Brewhouse, the floor of the Brewery was lined with tables and chairs and the name of the game was Speed Networking For Professionals.

Participants stood in a circle, each having 10 seconds to  give a brief introductory biography and tell folks in what industry they work.

Similar to speed dating, each participant had 30 seconds to answer a question pertaining to an aspect of their business. After each person in the group answered the question, they rotated seats to mingle with a new group.

The night ended with Questions and answers with prizes.

Drink tokens for the event that feature the group’s slogan, “Professional Development for the Curious and Inspired.” Photo Courtesy: Creative Comrades

Creative Comrades meets the second Wednesday of every month at College Street Brewhouse from 6 to 8 p.m. For more information on Creative Comrades, click here.

The Comrades “chillin” in the College Street cooler. Photo Courtesy: Creative Comrades

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