Danny’s Junk Yard: A Social Media Success

Danny’s Junk Yard:  A Social Media Success
Janet Cruz / 13 Apr 2015 / 1 Comment » Comments

There’s no doubt that social media websites can really boost a business or social group’s popularity and put it on the map.

Local pages that are on the rise and gaining popularity are Maddy’s Attic, Beautiful Views Over Havasu, Orchids and Onions, Havasu Scanner Feed, and Pets Found.

But one of these companies that are also thriving on social media is Danny’s Junk Yard in Lake Havasu City.

The online group allows you to buy, sell or trade your items with others on their social media page. With a membership of more than 21,000 members, this online group seems to be growing in popularity.

Danny’s Junk Yard began two years ago, when a man named Danny started the site and then decided to hand it over to another administrator.

“We get about 200 new members each day to the site,” said Robert Hunter, one of the administrators with Danny’s Junk Yard.

According to www.forbes.com, social media pages are now the new “production line” for businesses and social groups that allow us to connect with others. It also drives business outcomes without being in an office all day.

Hunter also believes the success and popularity of this site is because they only allow items to be sold that everyone needs and eliminates cluttered items that could be found on other sites that really do just sell Junk.

“I think it is because we have a lot of items compared to other sites, and we carry higher valued items that makes us different. We have a lot of guy-related stuff as well,” said Hunter. “There is legitimate stuff that everyone needs here.”

Firearms, tools, bike parts and even BBQ grills are some of the items you can find posted by members.

“We also make sure to keep up with all the state laws and regulations when it comes to selling or trading firearms here as well,” said Hunter. “We are also constantly monitoring the site to make sure no trouble occurs.”

So if there is something someone is looking to buy or sell, all they have to do is become a member of the site and start posting price, location, and come to agreement on how to exchange the item with other members.

If a member is in need of car parts and even a car, their site Mohavecarshows.info, which is also linked to Danny’s Junk Yard, also offers great deals.

Danny’s Junk Yard also holds a swap meet every third Saturday of the month free to all members.

For more information on location and ways to sell, visit www.dannysjunkyard.com or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/244806752302056/.

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  1. jacquelyn Henman says:

    how do you join and how much. Is this for a life time or yearly membership.

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