Dr. Don Nelson Retires

Dr. Don Nelson Retires
RSM Team / 08 May 2015 / 3 Comments » Comments

Dr. Nelson has delivered over 13,000 babies in his career in Lake Havasu City, AZ since 1971. Surrounded by friends, colleagues, family and patients that some he delivered, Dr. Nelson officially hung up the stethoscope Thursday evening at Havasu Regional Medical Center. Many recalled fond memories of Dr. Nelson and congratulated him on retiring, some with tears in their eyes. Thank you Dr. Nelson, from RiverScene Magazine for serving your community!

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3 Responses to “Dr. Don Nelson Retires”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Dr. NELSON is a one of a kind man. Saved my life and helped my baby girl with her issues. I will forever be in his debt. He is and always was an amazing doctor of many skills.
    I look forward to seeing you at the gym Doc, we love ya.

  2. Barbara Ann Scott says:

    Dr. Nelson is one of a kind he is an awesome doctor and I was hoping he would never retire he did my full hysterectomy he give my bladder sling amongst other procedures that he had done for me I wish him the best in life it makes me sad that he had to retire but I will see him again we love you Mike and I do I hope you’re enjoying your retirement have a nice life don’t forget remember I work out at zip but right now I’m on medical leave because I have another surgery done on February 26th we miss you we love you…

  3. Sheila Kaplan says:

    I just happened on this article and it is now 11/23. I wish Dr. Nelson the best. He delivered my son in 1981 and my son is now a Dr. himself. Thank you Dr. Nelson. I hope you are enjoying a happy retirement!

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