Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Lake Havasu in 360 Video

Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Lake Havasu in 360 Video
Jillian Danielson / 15 May 2022 / No Comments » Comments

Have you ever wanted to ride in a hot air balloon over the London Bridge during the Havasu Balloon Festival? Well now you can virtually no matter where you live in this 360 video on our RiverScene Magazine YouTube Channel. Balloon pilots Dave and Kathy Reinke as well as passengers Ginger and Scott Stroup will take you along on their high-flying adventure.

RiverScene Magazine has incorporated this exciting new dynamic to its online presence – both online and on Facebook.

RiverScene on YouTube will feature 360-degree videos of Lake Havasu City and events that are sure to please.

Download the YouTube app from the app store on your smart phone and link to RiverScene Magazine.

The videos are all there to enhance the Exploring Lake Havasu City experience.

To see some that are already on YouTube, try the following:

Go to the YouTube app with our link, push play, and either turn your phone side to side, up and down, OR you can swipe on your phone with your finger. It can also be viewed on an Oculus.

On desktop, just move your mouse around on the screen to see the different views. Many more of these videos to come from events and other popular spots around Havasu! For more videos with music, be sure to visit our RiverScene TikTok page! So stay tuned.

Here is the RiverScene YouTube link to the hot air balloon ride over the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Do you have a spot or an event in Havasu that you’d like us to do in 360? Let us know!

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