Kingman Route 66 Street Drags

Kingman Route 66 Street Drags

October 22-24th, 2021 is the Kingman Route 66 Street Drags.

We will be closing down Rt 66/Andy Devine in the middle of Kingman, Az, for over a week! We will hold the 1/8 mile drag race right down the middle of Ol’ 66!

There will be a full timing system, with reaction times, 60’ times, 330’ times and 1/8-mile times and speed. This is as real of a “street race” as you can have! The difference is there will be all the safety equipment in place that you would find at a “purpose built” track. Plus, it’s legal!! We have a City permit to conduct this annual event. But don’t kid yourself, it is still a street race! And if you want to win this race, you’re going to have to be the person who can get down this street the fastest!

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Event Details

Info Details
Start Date October 22, 2021
End Date October 24, 2021
Time 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Event Category
Venue Kingman, AZ

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