Book Launch Party by Denelle Scanlan

Book Launch Party by Denelle Scanlan

There will be a book launch party for Denelle Scanlan’s new book “Sex In Marriage.” For address to the launch party, please contact Denelle at 928) 208-6470.

Press Release:
Enumclaw, WA:—In the early 2000s, the purity culture movement brought us I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris, who advocated not even dating to stay pure, purity rings, True Love Waits pledge cards and father and daughter purity events.

Denelle Scanlan, one young woman who was negatively personally impacted by this teaching, says only half of the truth is being taught by the message of the purity culture. Denelle Scanlan who experienced shame, guilt, and fear in sexual intimacy in marriage, shares her story in Sex in Marriage: From a “Four-Letter Word” to a Holy Act (Redemption Press 2017).  She says, “I grew up in a ‘sex is sin’ purity culture that always focused on the negatives of premarital sex, but never discussed the positives of sexual intimacy within marriage.” She adds, “The way that the church addresses the topic of sexual intimacy in marriage can have detrimental effects on a marriage, but there is hope of healing in Jesus beyond the shame, guilt, and fear.”

In Sex in Marriage: From a “Four-Letter Word” to a Holy Act, Scanlan, a teacher and missionary preparing to serve full-time with Youth With a Mission, shares her personal journey toward healing. The Arizona resident and debut author hopes to break the silence surrounding this topic among evangelical Christians, help bring personal healing to those affected by shame, and encourage the church to address sexuality in a more complete and healthier way.

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Start Date September 30, 2017
End Date September 30, 2017
Time 5:30 pm
Organizer Denelle Scanlan
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Venue Lake Havasu City, AZ Contact author for address

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