Close Quarters An Intimate Magic Experience

Close Quarters  An Intimate Magic Experience

Greg VanHolsbeck has been studying and performing magic for 16 years. His one-man magic show titled “Handcrafted Mysteries” has been performed over 50 times in the last year for hundreds of enthusiastic guests.

In the summer of 2019, Greg VanHolsbeck brought “Handcrafted Mysteries” to The KAWS in Lake Havasu for a weekend of shows. Audiences packed the room every performance and left the venue wanting more.

Now Greg is back in Havasu with a more intimate magic experience. “Close Quarters” promises do be an up close and personal tour of some of his favorite magic tricks that he’s honed in his 16 years of experience. Seating will be limited to 20 guests per show, to ensure that everyone will have a great view and allow for audience interaction.

As is expected from a Greg VanHolsbeck show, just about everyone will have a chance to participate in the magic.

“Greg’s card tricks left me mystified! If you like magic shows with elegant sleight of hand in an intimate setting, go!” -Carla C.

“This was a real interesting and awesome show. The venue is small and personal. There was a lot of interaction with the guests. The magic was wowing and impressive. Would definitely recommend for a night out.” -Lorraine

“We had so much fun, Greg includes the audience and is outgoing and I hope to see more magic shows with him in the future.” -Theresa M.

“This was a great experience. Greg’s skills as a Magician are remarkable and his show was enjoyed by everyone there. The audience was small so it was all very close up and intimate. Every trick involved the audience in some way. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys magic…. Bravo!!! I want more :)” -Charles H.

Recommended for ages 13+

Event Details

Info Details
Start Date February 15, 2020
End Date February 15, 2020
Time 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Phone 6263437578
Organizer Greg VanHolsbeck
Event Category
Venue 2144 McCulloch Blvd N, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

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