Exploring Havasu: Experience The Tranquility Of Mesquite Bay

Exploring Havasu: Experience The Tranquility Of Mesquite Bay
Karley Glover / 30 Dec 2017 / 1 Comment » Comments

By Karley Glover/LHHS RiverScene 

Located off London Bridge Road, the isolated sanctuary of Mesquite Bay is a tranquil area that offers a variety of ways to enjoy Lake Havasu’s natural beauty.

Among several activities, the still waters of Mesquite Bay provide an ideal launch site for non-motorized watercraft.

Mesquite Bay is a place for kayakers to launch their kayaks. Karley Glover/LHHS RiverScene

Also an option in Mesquite Bay is a trail that leads to the floating fishing dock in the area.

Filled with placards that offer fun facts about the area, visitors can understand the small Bay and learn about the wildlife and the foliage surrounding the area as they make the journey to the dock.

This unique area is home to the dusty reptiles of the desert, bright colored butterflies and other wildlife.

Visitors may see cactuses or other wildflowers, depending on the season. Water plants such as algae, and moss can also be found.

A fishing dock is available for use at Mesquite Bay. Karley Glover/LHHS RiverScene

Mesquite Bay’s calm water is ideal for fishing, swimming and snorkeling. Several species of fish that inhabit the waters are visible and seashells can be found on the beach.

Mesquite Bay provides a pleasant setting for several activities and a peaceful area to watch a spectacular Havasu sunset.


Karley Glover/LHHS RiverScene


 Mesquite Bay

Karley Glover/LHHS RiverScene


Karley Glover/LHHS RiverScene


A paved walking trail starts from the parking lot of Mesquite Bay and ends at the fishing dock. Karley Glover/LHHS RiverScene

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Where exactly is Mesquite Bay? I’d like to take my kayak there and see the area.

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