Exploring Havasu: Pilot Rock Hike

Exploring Havasu: Pilot Rock Hike
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Pilot Rock Hike

4 miles each way
Easy to Moderate
2 hours each way

The Pilot Rock trailhead is located at the parking lot across from Desert Hawks Flying Club in SARA Park. Follow the trail the goes straight out of the parking lot headed toward the hills.

After a quarter of a mile, enter a wash and the trail continues to the right. After a bit, the wash will widen and at this time move to the left side and look for a trail that heads off to the left.

Photo 1 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 1: This trail is hidden behind a tree so be on the lookout for it; it’s just over 0.6 mi. from the start of this hike. Also, you will see some brown posts in the wash; just look to the left to find this trail. Follow this trail up and over some rollings hills – a nice walk, some scenic views, and at the one-mile mark of your hike, there is a wash below with a trail going down the center.

Photo 2: Follow that trail for about 0.1 mi. and be on the lookout for a trail veering off to the left.

Photo 3: Walk over a small hill and look for another trail across the wash.

Photo 4 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 4: Once at the top of the first hill, that trail curves to the left. At that point, there is a faded trail that goes straight-ahead that is the hiking trail to take. The other trail is for mountain bikers. While that is shorter to the top, it is a steep and difficult hike.

The easier hiking trail goes to the top of the ridge and after a short walk, there is a “Y” ahead with a BLM Sign.

Photo 5: The BLM sign shows that the way to Pilot Rock is by following the trail to the right.

From here, Pilot Rock is just a little over a 1.6 mi. You can take the hiking trails or follow the jeep trails; they both end up at the same spot. The hiking trail is pretty easy and offers many more views, plus it’s just a bit shorter. After about a mile, there is a hiking trail heading off to the right from the jeep trail. This is the final leg to Pilot Rock.

Photo 6: Follow this trail for about 0.6 mi. and you will be overlooking Pilot Rock.

Photo 9-11: Photos from above Pilot Rock.

Photo 2 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 3 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 5 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 6 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 9 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 10 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 11 courtesy Larry Reese

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