Exploring Havasu: Three Dunes Hike

Exploring Havasu: Three Dunes Hike
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Photos courtesy Larry Reese

Three Miles Each Way
Easy Hike

The Three Dunes trailhead is at the scenic view overlook parking lot off State Route 95 South, located about five miles south of Lake Havasu City. Park in the southern part of the parking lot and walk toward the river and you will see the trail. 

Photo 1
Follow this trail to the electrical wires, and turn left onto a jeep
trail and follow that into the wash.  Once in the wash, turn right and you are on your way.

three dunes

Photo 1 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 2
Entrance into narrow path between the rocks.

Three dunes hike

Photo 2 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 3
As you walk out of the rocky area, you will see the first dune.  Stay in the center of the wash and hike toward the water, where you will see a path that leads up and over a little ridge.

Three Dunes Hike

Photo 3 courtesy Larry Reese

Photos 4, 5, 6
Enjoy the three white sand dunes.

Photo 4 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 7
When heading back across the wash, stay to your right to make sure you meet up with the slot through the rocks.

Photo 7 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 8
The wash will funnel back into the right spot.

Photo 8 courtesy Larry Reese

Photo 9
This narrow path is a nice easy walk. Once through the rocks, make sure to stay to the left/left center of the wash where it meets the jeep trail that goes up and out of the wash to the left.

three dunes

Photo 9 courtesy Larry Reese

Once on the jeep trail, hike a few hundred yards and there will be a trail heading off to the right. That is the final leg back to the parking lot.

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