Fall Artistry Workshop Inspires Creation

Fall Artistry Workshop Inspires Creation
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Lake Havasu City children aged 10 through 17 enjoyed the first Fall Artistry Workshop last weekend. The 100 students were exposed to art and dance throughout the day at Mohave Community College.

The event, organized by local artist Adam Romano, was sponsored by the Allied Art Council of Lake Havasu City.

Romano, who is a tattoo artist at Handsome Devil Tattoo Co., was searching for a way to get youth involved in the arts and the workshop fit the bill. Romano also is an officer of the Allied Arts Council.

Students learn art in the Artestry Workshop at MCC. photo courtesy Adam Romano

The free arts workshop featured five artists who volunteered their time to teach the workshops. Watercolors, acrylics, rock art, Zen drawing and literary storytelling comprised the rotating stations the students moved between.

The teachers who volunteered their time and material included Romano, Christine Link, Tina Handler, Lee Mulligan and Regina Olson.

As the students moved between stations, they were treated to free lunch and drinks with a performance by the Lake Havasu Ballet during lunchtime.

Ballet dancers performed at the Fall Artistry Workshop. photo courtesy Adam Romano

“Each student had their head down working diligently on a new idea or a new project. The teachers were referred to by their first name and that helped the kids to relax and really enjoy being creative. The ballet did an amazing performance and every person in the room was captivated,” Romano said.

Romano said donations and support from the Lake Havasu community made the workshop a success.

“I would like to thank the Allied Arts Council for support, donations, supplies and volunteers; the Lake Havasu Ballet for their amazing performance; Jann Woods the dean of Mohave Community College and the entire staff; food donators Little Caesars for pizza, ServPro for water, 360 Deli for sandwiches; PartyExpress and Handsome Devil Tattoo Co. for miscellaneous cleaning, storage and art supplies,” he said.

photo courtesy Adam Romano

Help and support from behind the scenes was supplied by volunteers Louise Connell, Bonnie Humphrey, Ann Levasseur, Constant Stoepler, Aymie Spitzer, Fred Haun, Irma Hesse, Pat Miller and Ashleigh DeLeon.

Every spring, the Allied Arts Council offers scholarships and grants for the arts to students 16 years old and older who audition for the prize. Application information will be provided at a later date.

Students learn about art in the Artistry Workshop at MCC. photo courtesy Adam Romano

Students learn about art in the Artistry Workshop at MCC. photo courtesy Adam Romano

Students learn about art in the Artistry Workshop at MCC. photo courtesy Adam Romano

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