Fashion Sparks Student Passion

Fashion Sparks Student Passion
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This article was written by LHHS Journalism Student, Zoe Dondero.

Those who wander the hallways of Lake Havasu High School might find several creative courses such as art, yearbook, choir and acting.

A class some may not expect to find is fashion. In this class, students create whatever they desire. These students create inspiration boards on which to base their clothing line, based on a color, a fabric, a decade or a mood.

As soon as class begins, Savannah Burns and begins cutting her materials. Sydney Huffman/LHHS Journalism Student

“I decided to take fashion because … it was one of the ones that you could be more creative and work with your hands a lot,” said sophomore Emily Cannon.

When a student joins the class,  they become a part of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America club, or FCCLA. Cannon took one of her pieces, a dress made of candy wrappers, to FCCLA Nationals last year and won silver in Recycle and Redesign.

“I really enjoy picking out the fabrics and the patterns,” said junior Jessica Alvarez. “I want to open an online store and sell some clothes that I make” Alvarez sad.

Shoppers will have to wait a while to buy pieces from her line though. “I don’t want to start [my business] until I graduate from college … and I [want to] do that on the side,” said Alvarez.

Before other students enter the classroom, Jessica Alvarez
takes the time to lay out her materials needed to make her skirt. Sydney Huffman/LHHS Journalism Student

In addition to the students, the instructor, Mary Niskanen, also appreciates couture. “I [originally] taught the fabrics for design [class]… and with the retirement of Deb  Strauthers I chose then to take the whole program” said Niskanen.

She enjoys watching her students spark their creativity and use tools and cloth to create wearable garments. The students that take the fashion class have often gone on to pursue a career in fashion.

The clothing the students create will be showcased at the end of the year fashion show on April 28 at 7 p.m., in the Performing Arts Center at Lake Havasu High School. Students are free with their I.D. and adult tickets are $3.

Teacher Mary Niskanen adjusts Jessica Alvarez’s materials so the
materials are even when cut. Sydney Huffman/LHHS Journalism Student

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